Monday, April 30, 2012

The Color Purple

Mary Anne is playing house again. . . . . actually, we ARE having guests for 3 days and I am just trying to get ahead of the game!  Lilacs are blooming in the yard and it was the perfect inspiration to starting my table.  I had also inherited some plum colored bottles and wanted to used those as well.  .  .  .and so I began, cutting, layering, selecting and editing. . .

The color purple, texture of rattan, vintage silver wine glasses, (being
used for frozen Bloody Mary's,) Lilacs from the garden, vintage
votives in a soft shade of purple, all gently embracing a table
fit for a Spring breakfast.

Purple Ikat placemats gently peeking around the square
rattan chargers.

The HOST end of the table. . . .

Taking shelter under the Lilacs

Candlelight and the color purple. . . .

In harmony, the textures, the colors and the green leaves of the Lilacs.

Fresh Topiaries

The gentleness of still another Spring tablesetting.

Tomorrow morning will bring more coffee cup walks in the garden, more leisurely
strolls through arbors with more Springtime discoveries to inspire.
It is to be warm here tomorrow.  What will inspire you to create as the
sun rises to greet you?


lifeonthecutoff said...

I love the color purple, Mary Anne, and I love your table. Enjoy your guests.

Mary Anne said...

To: lifeonthecutoff:
So loved doing this table. No plan, just the color purple.
Many thanks for your comments Penny.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

It is a gorgeous table, Mary Anne. The colors, textures, fragrance...lovely.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Just gorgeous, Mary Ann.
I was at the Junk Jubilee all weekend in Des Moines and I am kicking myself for not buying all of the lavender/purple bottles one dealer had for sale.
I went to another booth and a gal was selling several pieces of purple transferware and the two of those together would have been sooooOOO pretty. I went back for the bottles and they were gone. :(

Lost out on both counts!

Your table is gorgeous. Love the smell of lilacs. I wish I was one of your guests! They are in for a real treat .


Linda Keaveney said...

Lovely Mary Ann...
What time should we arrive?
Would you like me to bring anything...oh, you are so sweet..I insist, I must bring something... red wine OK?...:o)

Linda :o)

Mary Anne said...

Oh Alison:
If only you had bought those lilac bottles!!! As for lavender transferware. . .I had an entire set for sale in the store quite a few years ago after a European trip. If only. . . . . thanks so much for saying hello!

Mary Anne said...

If only you were close by, the pleasure would be mine. . . as for that red wine as a hostess gift, well, maybe we would change that breakfast invite into dinner! Thanks so much for stopping by.
Mary Anneox

Olga said...

Those plum colored bottles are very pretty. And how lovely they look filled with lilac blooms on your gorgeous table. You did such a wonderful job putting this table together.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Love the purple! They say everyone should have a little purple and black in each room. You have certainly pulled this off.


Mary Anne said...

Olga: So nice to have you and love and appreciate your comments about the purple table. It was a fun table to do!
M.A. ox

Mary Anne said...

Hi Eileen:

There are garden coaches and then there are tablescape coaches! Call anytime!
M.A. ox