Monday, April 16, 2012


I have just returned from Michigan where I had the wonderful opportunity to create and
share in the excitement of shop ownership.  I am one of her 'pickers' of all things vintage with
a friendship that is blossoming into a category of priceless!!  Compatibility, creativity and
respect all share a common ground with the strenthening factor of another blogger who too
was a part of it all as we styled, laughed, shared and inspired each other with vignettes that
would sell product and inspire her customers.

one oak street
three oaks, michigan

THE SETTING ~  a historical train depot, 
 (she and her husband purchased this station with a vision
of creating a shop)

THE ATMOSPHERE ~ Rustic with the original wood flooring, tin ceilings
the ticket window (still in place) and exposed brick walls.

THE PASSENGERS ~  They no longer arrive on schedule here.  But,
the people who now walk through these doors, full of expectation
of finding something they can't live without!

THE SHOPKEEPER ~ A talented, creative, interior designer full of
warmth and charm.

Just arrived and a truck full of goodies!

Unpacking with great anticipation

One vignette (and under the ticket window) finished!

Fresh Myrtle, domes, nests, books and a "vintage" lantern
all sharing a tabletop full of goodies.

More fresh plants combined with wire domes and

An antique carosel horse

Burlap, mercury glass containers, iron
and copper trays ~ new and old

An antique dental tray with enamel top

Lighting, an antque bed, chairs, both old and new,
(including a pair of antique
Biedermeier chairs in perfect condition) more
artwork and pillows

The Biedermeier chairs

A one-of-a-kind canvas by a Chicago artist

Old baskets and rattan covered bottles

Signage in old frames

Funiture and more pillows

Garden statuary with Maidenhair fern (all plants are
for sale)

Repurposed furniture, new lamps, old and new
objects  (check out the old zinc tub) it is a stool
for sitting with storage inside!  FAB!

The vintage horse stable from the 50's.  I can see this
at Alison's home at:,
if fact, I heard it whisper her name!

I truly hope you have enjoyed your shopping trip to BLAIS.
If you are planning a trip to Michigan this summer, it is a shop
not to be missed! (and even if you're not, it is a quick trip
from Chicago (1 1/2 hours).  So much to do in the area
and so much to see.  Antiquing at its best!

BTW, when you visit BLAIS, ask for Keek and tell her
Mary Anne sent you!


Splendid Sass said...

Oh I love the shop. They had me at horse and chair! Great job you did.
Happy Monday.

Anonymous said...

This post makes me want to get into my car and head for Three Oaks!!
Great shop! Can't wait to go.

marion murray said...

The best shop for home accessories and furniture bar none! Keek is a talent that know no boundaries!

savvycityfarmer said...

road trip!!

looks like a GOLD MINE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary Anne --- LOVED your post of our shop, it's wonderful. Also, thanks for all of your help in setting up --- I loved having you, working side-by-side with you and most of all calling you my "friend".

keek / blais

Anonymous said...

....ALSO, your photos are beautiful. EVERYBODY, come visit THREE OAKS, MI, only 90 minutes from the Chicago area. LOTS to see and do, only 5 miles from our lake, which we have the bragging rights of saying "unsalted" !!


Mary Anne said...


Keek is quite the talent and more and more seems to surface as my friendship grows. Never even knew her talent as an artist. Her 'still lifes' amazing! The shop so full of charm and warmth (just like her) Wait until you see the latest at BLAIS. Can't wait to come up and visit!

Mary Anne said...

To Keek:

You are an amazing woman and I am so happy you are so pleased with the results of my efforts. Just say the word and I will be there again as needed! M.A. ox

Mary Anne said...

Splended Sass:

Wish only that I could walk you through. It is just filled with goodies!! Many thanks for stopping by.

Mary Anne said...

To Anonymous:

Let's go! I would love to introduce you to Keek and her store! Thanks for your comment!

Linda Keaveney said...

Great job Mary Anne...
Seems like a dream job to me...
I love antiques...
And collectibles...

Linda :o)

Kay Firlit said...

After viewing Mary Ann's brilliant photo display, the antique dental tray piqued my interest. I contacted the shop and Keek promptly responded, in spite of being on holiday with her grandchildren!
Keek and I were able to do business via the phone and e-mail flawlessly. Keek impressed me with her enthusiasm, candor and vigilance.
All the best to Blais!

Kay Firlit

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I will be sure to check out her beautiful shop when we visit Mi this summer.