Monday, September 27, 2010

If only you knew.....

This  first post has taken longer than I wish to share.  I felt like I was a shop owner once again, getting ready to open my doors and I just wanted everything to be the best it could be.  Perfect, no, because we just don't live in a perfect world.  Exciting, yes, because that is what the Robins Egg Blue customer came to expect everytime they walked through my doors.     To  those of you that have been waiting......and waiting.....thanks so much for your patience and understanding.  Also, thanks for your encouragement and suggestions.  To those of you that have found me, I hope you will be happy you stopped by.

I thought the best way for you to know me, was to invite you into my home.  I have been transitioning from the bright happy days of sunshine and flowers, to the warmth of the fall season we have just entered.  I love this season and the color we are all about to experience with Mother Nature.  Little does she know how much she influences the design world.  The harvest season is in its glory and I am having a ball.

I love this bright fall look.  It is crispy, colorful  yet warm and comfortable.  This table was expecting guests for brunch. 

This is a close up of the table elements that I used to create this table setting.  The rattan charger is an extra large charger that is 24" in diameter.  We sold them at Robins Egg Blue, but unfortunately, I have lost the source for this size rattan charger.  If anyone knows who might sell this product, I would love you to share it with me.   The scalloped plate is from Casafina and the square bright green plate is from Sur la Tab.  The orange bowls are a wonderful find from the Home Goods Store.   As for the sterling silver napkin rings, I have collected for years and my table is never without them. The napkin is a kitchen towel that was bought especially for the use of a napkin.   Men love this size napkin for their laps. 


My kitchen sink is without a window and to bring light to that area of my kitchen I used mirrors. My countertops are tumbled marble and when we did the kitchen addition to our home, I knew it was risky.  As a designer, I do take risks (in my own home!) and I have never been sorry.   The patina created over the past twelve years is wonderful.  We entertain often and red wine has never been a problem on this surface.  My sink area changes with the seasons because of the multi vessel container that you see in the background.  I sold these in my shop from a company I found in Paris.  Every season will have an arrangement that mirrors (and literally) the season we are in.  I will show you these changes as we go into different months.   I buy new flowers every week.  There are those plum tones again!

Close up of tube container from Paris

One more area of our home I wish to show you with this first post is our dining room.  We are having guests for dinner Sunday afternoon and this is the table I created. I love Kale for the color as well as for the texture  it provides. Of course it has the plum tones that I love and from these tones my inspiration is set once again.

So much more to share, but I will be back with more.