Thursday, April 28, 2011

SHOP THE SHED................


It was a dreary, cold and rainy morning, but all too well, I knew the show must go on!
 Brooke was  here visiting Chicago from sunny California, my daughter Holly had set this day aside for 6 weeks and Joy, from the blogspot, The Savvy City Farmer,  had created the SHOP THE SHED event and was expecting Brooke (and me.)  Brooke has the well known blogspot called Velvet and Linen.  It is truly inspiring and "double good" because her architect husband Steve, also sends inspiration to us all  like you wouldn't believe! That being said, it was going to be an exciting day of meeting friends who only knew each other through
Into the city for a pick up at 7:00 a.m. to get Brooke.  She and her darling family had been visiting our wonderful city (and enjoying it in spite of the inclement weather).  We arrived at 7:00 at her hotel and off we went to Dundee chating away like we had no cares about bad weather.  All was right with the world.

And when there is shopping to be done,
no one else seemed to care either!

Brooke and I were allowed to pre-shop because we were
taking photos for our blogs.........of course, we were supposed
to be concentrating on our photos.....I was multi-tasking!!!

There was truly something for everyone and the
prices so fair!

Just the right amount of moss!

Garden hats already broken in and waiting for the sun
needed to use them....

It is only 8:50 a.m. and we had 10 more
minutes to do our photos. . . it was alsmost 9.

Fabulous old garden chairs

This seemed to call my name......perfect for my
herb garden!

Brooke, Mary Anne and Joy

Trellis', chippy furniture, fountains, birdbaths and even
a pair of turquoise garden elements from Paris.

.....And much to my surprise, my neighbors who had driven
up to Shop the Shed (center, Sheryl and Lisa) left of Sheryl is
Angela Waltmire (Joy's daughter and baker of the French
macaroons that were for sale) and Brooke

As I grabbed for a box of the macaroons, Angela noted,
"I made these from the fresh eggs of my chickens that I raise"  They were unbelievable. 

Everywhere you looked the displays were so well put together....
truly a feast for the eyes.

After shopping (and I did shop), we were almost sad to leave.  A little damper
than when we came, but our hearts were warmed with the friendships that
have come to make a difference because of a blogging community of kindred
spirits.  I would have never believed what a difference it has made in my life!

Many thanks to you Joy for bringing us altogether!  You and Angela did
a wonderful job!


Saturday, April 23, 2011


They're back!  In time for a little Easter breakfast!  In fact, I already had the table set.  The painting was well worth the wait.  Caryn, of Caryn  Aiken's Decorative Painting was the responsible artist who worked out all of the details of how I wanted them to look.  Wood vs. paint was a hard decision.  Once I had made the decision, I knew there was no going back.  I had owned these chairs for 39 years.  The striped silk moire had been on the chairs for 19 years and it was just time for a well deserved change. 

Soft grays, we used three shades and a glaze.
At the head of the chair is the silver leaf and gold leaf
which created a champagne finish on the carved detail.

With an extensive collection of blue and white acquired from European
travels, I decided to bring those collections together.  All plates are a different
pattern.  It all works together because there is a "constant" of rattan chargers
and yellow chargers which brings the collection altogether and makes
the different patterns work.

Love it, love it, love it!!!

I have decided for the house walk, that I must use pink.  Tried that out
and it is amazing.......


The back of the chair and the subtle rubbing off of the gray paint to
make them look older than they are.  They truly look like a French antique!
The Sunbrella indoor/outdoor soft white linen.............if anything should spill, soap
and water and a scrub brush and spots will be gone. . . . . .( I have started using outdoor
fabrics indoors) for my clients as well.  Great satisfaction has been achieved, especially
for young families which spills are just a part of everyday life!





Friday, April 15, 2011


Spring is definately in the air and I am back.  The last three weeks has nearly been impossible.   We have had company for two of those weeks with trips back and forth to the airport, grocery shopping, laundry, creative breakfasts, lunches and dinners............then we were delighted to have our precious grand daughter for 10 days while our daughter and son-in-law helped to execute the Masters in Augusta. I was back into carpools, making lunches, doing homework, music lessons, and on and on and on.   We were "there" for dear friends who tragically lost a son at 27 to a heart attack a day after we began caring for our grand daughter.   Two days later we drove to De Pere, Wisconsin to participate in a memorial for a wonderful professor that our daughter had when she was in school, who passed away a year ago.  She chaired an idea to keep his spirit alive with the planting of a tree on the St. Norbert campus and a bench in his memory.

 Her speech of this wonderous man could not have been more beautiful.    He was one of the most loving, caring, human beings I had ever met.  His name was Dr. Tom Faase and he loved pink roses.......they were everywhere.

When we checked into our room, a note from our daughter
and a pink rose.

When everyone had gone, one last rose was left.
I gave it to our daughter.

A congratulatory hug and kiss from the husband of a dear friend.

St. Norbert College President and his assistant.

Dr. Tom's son, Noah

Dr. Tom's family

Reflecting on a full days activities and a job well done.

Then with life and its ups and downs,  was about to return to normal, our daughter in law, ended up in an ambulance, after having a trunk hatch automatically come down on her forehead as they were heading out to a formal event in the city.  So, along comes a precious new little grandson for us to care is precious and life is so unpredictable. . . . .and thank God after nine stitches our daughter-in-law is fine......and no, they never did make that Easter Seals event in Chicago.

Sorry for that chapter of details, but I have missed all of you and I am sorry to disappoint with no posting! But, I honestly didn't know if I was coming or going!!!!!

 I am tablescaping and preparing for a housewalk in our town.  Our home is one of the homes to be selected for the walk.   A knock at my door this morning (and I did know she was coming) brought a gal who writes for the village historical society.  She wanted a picture of a potential tablescape.  Here is what I did for the photo:

Pink, yellow and green, birds and bird nests

NO!  That bird did not lay those eggs!!!

It is time for the lamb to go back outside.................
hmmmm, I don't think he will be allowed, I really love him inside.

My chairs are almost complete.  I saw them today and they are magnifique!!    What a housewalk
won't do to get one to create for oneself!