Thursday, April 28, 2011

SHOP THE SHED................


It was a dreary, cold and rainy morning, but all too well, I knew the show must go on!
 Brooke was  here visiting Chicago from sunny California, my daughter Holly had set this day aside for 6 weeks and Joy, from the blogspot, The Savvy City Farmer,  had created the SHOP THE SHED event and was expecting Brooke (and me.)  Brooke has the well known blogspot called Velvet and Linen.  It is truly inspiring and "double good" because her architect husband Steve, also sends inspiration to us all  like you wouldn't believe! That being said, it was going to be an exciting day of meeting friends who only knew each other through
Into the city for a pick up at 7:00 a.m. to get Brooke.  She and her darling family had been visiting our wonderful city (and enjoying it in spite of the inclement weather).  We arrived at 7:00 at her hotel and off we went to Dundee chating away like we had no cares about bad weather.  All was right with the world.

And when there is shopping to be done,
no one else seemed to care either!

Brooke and I were allowed to pre-shop because we were
taking photos for our blogs.........of course, we were supposed
to be concentrating on our photos.....I was multi-tasking!!!

There was truly something for everyone and the
prices so fair!

Just the right amount of moss!

Garden hats already broken in and waiting for the sun
needed to use them....

It is only 8:50 a.m. and we had 10 more
minutes to do our photos. . . it was alsmost 9.

Fabulous old garden chairs

This seemed to call my name......perfect for my
herb garden!

Brooke, Mary Anne and Joy

Trellis', chippy furniture, fountains, birdbaths and even
a pair of turquoise garden elements from Paris.

.....And much to my surprise, my neighbors who had driven
up to Shop the Shed (center, Sheryl and Lisa) left of Sheryl is
Angela Waltmire (Joy's daughter and baker of the French
macaroons that were for sale) and Brooke

As I grabbed for a box of the macaroons, Angela noted,
"I made these from the fresh eggs of my chickens that I raise"  They were unbelievable. 

Everywhere you looked the displays were so well put together....
truly a feast for the eyes.

After shopping (and I did shop), we were almost sad to leave.  A little damper
than when we came, but our hearts were warmed with the friendships that
have come to make a difference because of a blogging community of kindred
spirits.  I would have never believed what a difference it has made in my life!

Many thanks to you Joy for bringing us altogether!  You and Angela did
a wonderful job!



Anonymous said...

Mary Anne this is an absolutely lovely post! Loved all the photos, especially the one of the three of you!

Glenda said...

Mary Anne,thank you for sharing your photos. My goodness, I seen so many things I would have loved to come to my house! Loved the concrete angel thingies, with moss none the less!

cityfarmer said...

after all this time I found the comment button ...
silly me.

What a dear post!
Guess what?
I bought the fabulous Parisian garden chairs ( from my friend) and pulled them up to my dining room table ..OMG

hope to see u Friday, dear soul