Monday, May 21, 2012

The Well Placed Weed

Not all that long ago and before I grew my own, I used to stop along the roadside and pick Queen Anne's Lace to bring home and create bouquets.  It is such a beautiful flower (made up of hundreds of small white flowers), that I could never quite  understand why it was called a weed.  One summer day while picking my bouquet to bring home, I decided that maybe I could grow this weed in my garden.  One time, I brought a handful home and broke off all of the "lace" and threw them into my back garden.  Who knew what would happen .  .  .

A small bouquet from MY garden.

Note: There is no red center flower.  Hmmm  Did you know that
Queen Anne's Lace, or so the story goes, got its name from
the Queen who was supposedly sewing lace and pricked her
finger and the blood got onto the lace. . . . .thus the presense of
a single red flower in the center.  I have recently learned that not
all Queen Anne's Lace has the center red flower.

Sterling silver tea tray with the Queen! (so befitting of a Queen,
that is just where she belongs.  .  . on silver!)

Who would have ever thought?

Even the birds are enjoying my weeds .  .  . 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Fulfillment, satisfaction, breathtaking, comfort, serenity and joyful.  Our garden is in its tenth year of really 'working it' and I ask myself, is this really work?   This morning, early, I took my camera outside on my walk and begin taking snapshots of my garden to share with all of you.

The dew was still on the lawn .  .  . What better time of the day to share in the quiet, with of course a chorus of birdsong conversations already going non-stop!  Pure comfort and joy!

We added a pergola this year over our hot tub and its
structure a great addition to still another 'garden room'.

Love hostas (we have a lot of shade) and each year I
try adding two or three more different kinds.

Our backyard Clematis couldn't be more beautiful.

Another hosta shot as the sun was breaking through.

Still trying to decide if I like the Vinca Vine in with the
Rosemary topiaries. . .

Old 'wire', moss and fresh annuals.  What a look!

Just filled this and hung it today.  .  .  .Ageratum and Bicopa

I went back to the garden to pick this lovely rose.

The statuary from The Garden of Good and Evil.  Love the contrast
of the Blue Spruce.

My Climbing Hydrangea flowers are huge this year!

I love tucking pots into garden spaces which add interest and height
to the garden.

The first Spiderwort blossom of the year.

Too sweet not to show you the shades of grey with
the Blue Spruce.  Must clean and fill with water in
the morning.

More snapshots to follow. . . . . I hope you are enjoying
your garden. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Bed in the Shed . . .

It was my day to visit Joy and SHOP HER SHED!!! I was looking forward to it, you can be sure! We have become dear friends and she has opened my interior designer eyes to look at
design in another way. She has inspired and shared her design values and how she interprets the repurposing way of life and how it can work for almost anyone! Her ability and creativity . . . . . well in my mind, she is at the top of her game! I arrived with lunch and camera in hand. Here is what I have to share . . . .

Her side yard is yummy and welcoming upon my arrival

Walking to the backyard and to the shopping area, here is what
will greet you . . . . old plant stands, birdbaths, pots filled with herbs,
zinc containers and mushrooms . . .

A vintage sign that reads in French (but of course!!!)
No Rabbits in the Garden

Joy's yard couldn't have been more beautiful.

Outdoor lighting, lanterns, zinc and more zinc, filled with and already
potted for you to put into your garden.

The view and the goods!!!

A chandelier lit tent . . . . glorious!

Birds nest fern, potted French containers, planted zinc containers,
Rosemary topiaries and a wonderful little greenhouse all for just you!!

Outside the shed

More outside the shed

Vintage zinc plant stakes. . .

IN the shed . . .

The BED IN THE SHED. . . . . and what a better name for her shed,

A direction for one's bottom!!!

More shopping pleasures in the shed

A view FROM the shed. . . . .

It my hope that this little peek will make you feel that what you have seen
is NOT to be missed in person. It couldn't be better, it will be your weekend of
pure JOY!!!

Have fun!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sharing the Arch

About six years ago, I bought an arched trellis for our garden.  I knew I wanted more Clematis in our yard, but I had recently seen a Climbing Hydrangea and thought that
would be good too.  What did I do?  I planted CH on one side and Clematis on the other.
Last year it looked amazing . . . . this year, there are no words except maybe breathtaking!

Last week these huge buds began showing some promise that
it was going to be a good year for Clematis. 

Late last week these buds began to open and honestly, I don't
ever remembering such drama . . . . but just wait!!

The weekend brought some of these buds showing off their color and
their size.

This mornings walk, with coffee in hand of course, was breathtaking!
The color and the size of the blooms unlike any other year thus far!

This bloom is 5 inches in diameter . . . if only they could be part
of my cutting garden.  .   .   .

This shot shows the three stages of the flower, the bud, the deep lavender
bud opening and the fully opened flower.

The path leading to another garden and the shared arch.  The climbing
Hydrangea's are to the left and so gentle is its little white flower.

The fresh morning dew. . . . . love it!

Inside another garden, looking out over the arched trellis.

Standing guard . . .

Many thanks for walking through the arch with me this morning.  I hope
you enjoy your day.

Must run, as I am going to visit 'The Shed' this morning . . . taking lunch to
Joy and giving her my impression of her hard work.  We are flying to
Minneapolis for Mother's Day to be with our daughter.  .  .I will miss
her big weekend of shopping the shed up in Dundee! (maybe she will
let me take a few pictures to show)  If you are local, don't miss it!
Go to her blogsite for more exciting info' on this weekends event of