Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sharing the Arch

About six years ago, I bought an arched trellis for our garden.  I knew I wanted more Clematis in our yard, but I had recently seen a Climbing Hydrangea and thought that
would be good too.  What did I do?  I planted CH on one side and Clematis on the other.
Last year it looked amazing . . . . this year, there are no words except maybe breathtaking!

Last week these huge buds began showing some promise that
it was going to be a good year for Clematis. 

Late last week these buds began to open and honestly, I don't
ever remembering such drama . . . . but just wait!!

The weekend brought some of these buds showing off their color and
their size.

This mornings walk, with coffee in hand of course, was breathtaking!
The color and the size of the blooms unlike any other year thus far!

This bloom is 5 inches in diameter . . . if only they could be part
of my cutting garden.  .   .   .

This shot shows the three stages of the flower, the bud, the deep lavender
bud opening and the fully opened flower.

The path leading to another garden and the shared arch.  The climbing
Hydrangea's are to the left and so gentle is its little white flower.

The fresh morning dew. . . . . love it!

Inside another garden, looking out over the arched trellis.

Standing guard . . .

Many thanks for walking through the arch with me this morning.  I hope
you enjoy your day.

Must run, as I am going to visit 'The Shed' this morning . . . taking lunch to
Joy and giving her my impression of her hard work.  We are flying to
Minneapolis for Mother's Day to be with our daughter.  .  .I will miss
her big weekend of shopping the shed up in Dundee! (maybe she will
let me take a few pictures to show)  If you are local, don't miss it!
Go to her blogsite for more exciting info' on this weekends event of


lifeonthecutoff said...

Doing some catch-up today, Mary Anne, and here I find so many wonders and a few posts I've missed. Lovely, all, but, for me, especially these clematis. They are absolutely and utterly gorgeous. Enjoy.

Mary Anne said...

Dear Penny:

This year, truly those Clematis are amazing. Every morning I look at them as though I am looking at them for the first time.
So happy to have shared them with you!

Mary Anne ox

Linda said...

OMG...Those are fab-u-lous!!!
I am picking up 2 clematis this
weekend for the lake cottage...
If I am lucky, they will be half as lovely as yours!!!

Linda :o)