Saturday, May 5, 2012


Two years ago a group of talented women decided it was time to do an annual (hopefully) event that would bring former customers (we were all shop owners!) to visit collected unique objects that were for sale.  We had a few meetings and decided where, who and what it was going to be all about.  It had to have a name that would stick and draw our former customers.  We named it THE GILDED FLEA.  That was four events ago and while it is a lot of work creating each and every person's space,  it was a successful two days of meeting, greeting and sharing what spoke to us as we bought and prepared  and created our own 'little shops'! 

                              As I was unloading the carefully selected garden elements 
from my SUV, this handmade container among them, I
looked down on the ground and before my eyes was a
broken Robin's Egg.  As many of you know, I was the owner
and creator of a shop called Robins Egg Blue.  Mmmmm,
I knew right away it just had to be a good omen for the next
two days. . . . . it touched my heart, you can be sure!!!

After setting up my wares and creating the mood, here is how
it looked.  One thing for sure, I will not use white tags next time.
It would have been so much better if I had used a grey or tea
stained tag . . . . more of a blend.  Funny what true stories our
cameras tell.

Resting and waiting . . . there were two of these and they were the
first to be sold at the 'flea'  They were about 12 inches tall and had
been planted with pilea, Baby Tears.  .  . but a stronger variety that
is easier to care for.

My love of lambs. . . . hard to part with this one.  He is NOT a vintage
piece and I am able to get more so it went with me to the show and of
course sold.

To the right is a Lime Plant, a type of succulent, which smells like
a lime.  Refreshing, clean and planted in a handmade cement
trough-like container which was grey!

An old basket, with the lucky number 13!  (I was born on the 13th)
and so was my son, same day and month!  So that number does not
hold an unlucky value for me.  Apparently. someone else loved it
too, as it sold as well.  It was filled with the most wonderful of plants,
Rosemary, so full of fragrance.  This customer was going to put it
in her kitchen garden.

The Delphinium that never made it to the show!  You will see it in a
future post, planted in my garden. . . . sorry ladies.

I used grays, wire, baskets of great texture and silver, all mixed
with the great topiaries and plants that were irresistible!

The girls next to me were selling this table.  It was an Annie
Sloan paint color called Robins Egg Blue.  On went the hand made
container, cloche and Robin's Egg, just for this shot!  The table sold
shortly there after!

Home again and yes, I found another Robin's Egg this morning on the
ground while walking my garden. . .it was already broken too.

I hope you can make it in the Fall to our show.  We would love to
have you!


Judy said...

Love that lime plant, I've never heard of that, I;m going to try and find one. Also, that basket with 13 on it is gorgeous! Wish your event was close enough for me to attend, I'd definately be there for the next one.


Mary Anne said...

Hi Judy:

It was such a good time. I saw so many customers that used to come into my shop. It was like old home week. So much fun, but I was a little tired after packing, repacking, packing and repacking again! The good thing . . .not much came home! Thanks so much for your comments. I too would love to have you attend. So sorry you are far away! m.a.