Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Bed in the Shed . . .

It was my day to visit Joy and SHOP HER SHED!!! I was looking forward to it, you can be sure! We have become dear friends and she has opened my interior designer eyes to look at
design in another way. She has inspired and shared her design values and how she interprets the repurposing way of life and how it can work for almost anyone! Her ability and creativity . . . . . well in my mind, she is at the top of her game! I arrived with lunch and camera in hand. Here is what I have to share . . . .

Her side yard is yummy and welcoming upon my arrival

Walking to the backyard and to the shopping area, here is what
will greet you . . . . old plant stands, birdbaths, pots filled with herbs,
zinc containers and mushrooms . . .

A vintage sign that reads in French (but of course!!!)
No Rabbits in the Garden

Joy's yard couldn't have been more beautiful.

Outdoor lighting, lanterns, zinc and more zinc, filled with and already
potted for you to put into your garden.

The view and the goods!!!

A chandelier lit tent . . . . glorious!

Birds nest fern, potted French containers, planted zinc containers,
Rosemary topiaries and a wonderful little greenhouse all for just you!!

Outside the shed

More outside the shed

Vintage zinc plant stakes. . .

IN the shed . . .

The BED IN THE SHED. . . . . and what a better name for her shed,

A direction for one's bottom!!!

More shopping pleasures in the shed

A view FROM the shed. . . . .

It my hope that this little peek will make you feel that what you have seen
is NOT to be missed in person. It couldn't be better, it will be your weekend of
pure JOY!!!

Have fun!!!


Judy said...

Looks like my kind of place! Thanks so much for sharing...if I lived close enough to you we'd be shopping buds fo sure!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

What a candy store! Garden candy I mean, this would be a great road trip.


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I hope to visit one day, Mary Anne. It all looks wonderful!

Mary Anne said...

Hi Pat:

I hope you are able to visit one day as well. Our little B&B will always welcome you!
Mary Anne ox

Mary Anne said...

Hi Eileen:

You would love this!! A perfect gardeners dream!
Mary Anne ox

Mary Anne said...

Hi Judy:
Yes, shopping buddies we would be. Trouble???? It is only money!
M.A. ox