Saturday, April 7, 2012


For those who celebrate the risen Lord .  .  .Easter is here!   The sun rises and Easter Day greets us  with  a beautiful message Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.  Church  bells ring all over our village announcing and rejoicing in the beauty of the risen Christ.  

Menus have been carefully planned and tables carefully set, ever mindful of this glorious day set before us. 

Those flower tubes from Paris . . . . all done in pink tulips and Ranunculous with green
centers, the likes of which I have never seen.  (afterall, the kitchen must look good

Pink tulips marching in front of the sink mirror.

This little bud fell from its stem but love where it landed!

The dinner table ready for Sunday afternoon.

Those great orange eggs keeping company with the Robins Egg Blue eggs deserve
a thank you to who tipped me off as to how to
achieve such wonderful depth of color.   I drove right over to Wilton Homegoods and
purchased their food coloring gels.   Color depth unlike I have ever experienced and'
I have been coloring eggs a long time!  Thanks Stonegable for the wonderful tip.

I love how this type of vase is so easy to make a flower arrangement.
I call it a bubble bowl and each flower is put into the water without
touching the bottom of the vase.  Keep turning vase as you poke
in the flowers, ending up with the center flowers going in last.

The Golden Rabbit

Once again, thank you Stonegable for teaching me about
the Wilton food coloring gels.




Gatsbys Gardens said...

Great idea for the eggs, would never have thought of using gels. I love the orange on your table, just pops against the white.

Have a great Easter.


Sarah said...

Oh, this is glorious! Love the flower tubes from Paris filled with the pink tulips and ranunculous. Pink and green are a favorite color combo for me. ;-)
Enjoy your Easter Sunday ~ sarah

Linda Keaveney said...

Love the orange and green on the table...
great combination...
Hope you enjoyed your day

Cheers Linda :o)

Mary Anne said...

Hi Linda:

So happy to see your comment again. So dear of you. Yes the orrange and green table was awesome! As for Easter with the children. . . . the best!

Mary Anne said...

Dear Sarah:

Those flower tubes will soon be for sale. I am having some shipped from Paris within the month. Let me know if you are interested.

I hope your Easter was enjoyable as well.