Monday, April 9, 2012


After completing my post on Easter Eve and reviewing my
photos by night, I realized I would take pictures on Easter morning
which truly showed the beauty of the colors I used with more

Loved those pink vintage plates from last year, with the
soft orange bowl.

Those great colored eggs after using Wilton's food gels.

Those orange tulips .  .  .

My precious 18 month old grandbaby, trying to figure out why are these
eggs not white and why am I out here. . . .

Whoops!  Is that another egg?  What am I supposed to do with
this one???

This is my cousin there in the striped skirt.  (She is eight and
she hid all of the eggs). 

Another hiding spot, they had to pick me up to see this one.

I guess I am supposed to grab this one!

Mr. Frog lays an egg!!  Only kidding Nana!

My little Gracie counts the eggs and says we're done!  They
are all here.  My little Trey is amazed at all of the eggs that
he found!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.  I know, I did.
As for those two precious kids, they always make me smile,
appreciate and realize the importance of taking the time to
share what is important to them. 

1 comment:

Linda Keaveney said...

looks even better in the daylight!
your grandkids are precious..
you are VERY lucky...


Linda :o)