Thursday, April 5, 2012


As my husband says, I think you do so well at entertaining yourself!  (with tongue in cheek and a precious supporting smile)  Yes, the table we eat at is so important to me as to how it looks.  Good food even tastes better and a not so good dinner will get by (hopefully, these food preparations are few and far between).

This new tablescape began with a freshly cut bouquet from our yard.
It was from a flowering shrub called Miss Kim.  The fragrance is
intoxicating and the whift of it from the back door. . .dreamy.

My little lamb from an antique store in one of the villages
we visited last fall. . .

The estate sale lamp, the estate sale books, the antique porcelain lamb and
a pewter, family heirloom filled with Miss Kim.

The simple, nutrious homemade soup, filling and low in
calories.  Served with freshly baked Rosemary, crusty bread.
Dessert: a simple bowl of fresh sweet watermelon.

Dinner entertainment:  American Idol (and even he likes it!!)
Quite an amazing group of kids this year!

Have en enjoyable Spring (cool today) day! 


Linda Keaveney said...

I agree totally!!!
I also like to "entertain" myself...
love to cook, have fresh flowers and dine with beauty all around me...
the soup looks delish!!

Linda :o)

savvycityfarmer said...

you watch American Idol?

never would've guessed


lifeonthecutoff said...

Love it! The soup, the setting, the love you pour into it.

Happy Easter, Mary Anne.

Petra Eriksson said...

Happy Easter! Hugs form Me!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Nice tablescape. Happy Easter.