Monday, April 23, 2012

Objects of Art

I have always wanted a Santo.  A carving, usually in wood or ivory, that depicts saints, angels or other religious figures.  They orginally came from New Mexico and the first santos are thought to have been imitations of Spanish Baroque statues carved by priests. They became popular items of devotion, found from home altars to churches.

My Santo is a gray-olive with chippy shades of aqua showing through.

She presently sits on my music room mantle.

Each face is hand carved and no two are alike, but so many
of them so resemble each other.

Where ever there is a vintage Santon,  there will be vintage books!

I brought her home from Michigan a week ago.  I love the way she
pleasantly mixes in with the rest of the decor.  She seems quite
at home and I have invited her to stay for awhile.

.  .  .barefoot and all.


Linda Keaveney said...

And the color is perfect...
what a lovely addition...
where can I find one???

Linda :o)

Mary Anne said...

Linda: I will keep my eye out for you and let you know when I find another one!!

Mary Anne ox

savvycityfarmer said...

If she ever runs away from home, she's probably headed here!

just so ya know!!

loe' her

lifeonthecutoff said...

She seems quite content perched there on your mantle. What a remarkable find, Mary Anne.