Wednesday, April 4, 2012


A trip north from my home to hers is quite a jaunt from where I live to where she lives.  Western suburbs vs. Northwest suburbs . . . .Cape Cod vs. Farmhouse.  I have been the teacher for much of my life, sharing a God given gift of creativity,  shop owner, showcase home designer, entertainer, gardener,  creator of store events, garden club events and speaker of all that was asked.  I guess I have done it all.  I love sharing secrets of design and I love creating smart atmospheres for my clients.  With all of this said, a visit to Joy's is exciting and fulfilling with inspiration filling every inch of my very being!!!  She is MY teacher!

The day had been planned to place an order with a rep. who had products we both loved; thus meeting minimums, shipping, etc.  After arriving at this warm and cozy farmhouse, I tried my best to stay focused(with my camera in hand under the desk).  After completing our appointment  and orders with our 'shared interest' company, I sat  in my chair just observing this talented woman's abode.  Our living spaces so different, but my comfort level so THERE!  I never want to leave and I always have this insatiable desire to soak, soak, soak!

A new acquisition. . .

                      She had bought this structure as you see it, but what you don't see
is the glass that had been added and cut to fit the house.  This day
Joy had turned it into a candle house.

An old lamp with a burlap shade, on books of course,
while shining down on a collection of small antlers.

Another corner of this darling sitting area, more old leather books.

One of Joy's painted pieces.  .  .in her newly appointed 'office'

An old bucket and a fresh green plant-turned-wreath, someones
cast-away marble cheese tray layered with another piece of marble.

A wee bit of robins egg magic . . .

Her 'office' mantle holds a cubbie cupboard full of bits and pieces
of collected objects she brought home because it portrayed some bit of comfort.

Shelves of old books everywhere!

Living room /dining room with French table linens and an old vintage zinc

A flea market find dressed in vintage accessories and collections.
Love the old bottle filled with 'many good times'!!!

A cozy sitting room for reading or dreaming.

This little vignette is in her living room with a collection
of old paint brushes in a trophy cup with old green books.  How
about the leap of faith with a pillow ticking stripe for a shade on a
gold leafed figure???  Why not?

A few of her favorite things, collected or saved one by one. . .

A HOPE chest waiting for paint . . . but serving as a room divider.


An old vitage frame turned chalkboard at the bottom
of her stairs before entering her kitchen.

Up above and right is a lid organizer (former life) used
to access the lids of milk pails after milking the cows.  The ole' repurposed
trick. . . . . it is now easy access for her dinner plates.

This wonderful old farmhouse has a back porch and Joy has
created a summer kitchen for everyday use and enjoyment!

More of the summer porch kitchen.   Plates, bowls,
latte cups and more cubbies filled with morning

The coffee bar. . .accoutremonts all nestled on a
piece of old and worn marble!  Note her collection
of rattan covered bottles on the lower shelf and the
enameled vintage funnels.

After lots of catching up and discussions on her new acquisitions,
she said, "You have never seen my work space have you?"
So down the stairs we went to where all of the magic takes place! (once
the warm weather hits, she takes this show to the outside shed!)

There were boxes, containers, shelves and cubbies packed full of
repurposed possibilites. . .

When she opened this drawer, I thought I would die!  Every piece a possibility
to complete an artists canvas.

You have already guessed some of you,   that I  have spent a day with the
SAVVY CITY FARMER.  I have shared her home, her workspace and who
she is.  She has created a HOME from flea market finds, auctions and
garage sale treasures.  Joy grew up on a farm, lives a farmlife in her own
special way with her memories and objects around her.  Her dear husband
shares this farmhouse and is responsible for helping her to create some
of her visions.   How fortunate is that!

Go visit her some summer afternoon where the slap of a screen door, a kitchen
porch and a smiling face will always welcome you.  In fact, her SHOP THE SHED
event in coming up in May.  May 10th to be exact.  If you go to her blogsite,, all of her details of this event will be listed.  It is
an event not to be missed!

*  *  *

 Her talented daughter,
THE PARISIENNE FARMGIRL, has just launched her on-line magazine. You can
find her at  She is an amazing young
woman, balancing 4 children, a wonderful husband,  teacher and now editor!

Blessings, blessings and more blessings!  Hope to see you at
SHOP THE SHED.  I will be there helping and sharing the moment that
you won't want to miss!!


savvycityfarmer said...

thank you, teacher/student (ha), come coming into MY life. I am blessed beyond measure with your friendship.

My expectations run high at the thought of us working together!

can't wait to take our show on the road!

Mary Anne said...

Finished this little story very late last night as a cyberspace tribute to you! As for Michigan, Three Oaks won't know what hit!!!!!
I had a dear friend ask me this morning, would you prefer a penthouse in NYC or a farmhouse in the country. . . hmmmm, could we take the farmhouse to NYC?

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Mary Anne
I am a fan of Joy and her style. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful post.

Happy Easter!

designchic said...

What a fun place to spend the smitten with the painted desk!!

Mary Anne said...

Dear Pat:

Joy's style is certainly one of her own and done so well. Her vignettes and her creativity,to die for and her friendship, priceless! Thanks so much for the visit.

m.s. ox

Mary Anne said...

Design Chic:

You are so dear to visit and comment. Joy's painting projects evoke somewhat of a Swedish look. Her painting is an art and the transformations of what she takes something from are unbelievable!
Again, thanks so much for your visits.

m.a. xo