Friday, December 2, 2011


December 1st has arrived and the retailers prepared us well that this day was coming.  The reality of another holiday not far away.  It doesn't matter whatever our age, it is a time when
the magic of the holidays come rushing to greet us with a force that just seems to take over our lives.  So much to be done, lists to make, trees and mantels to be trimmed, cards to write, menus to create, invitations to write and respond to,  tables to set, cookies to be made and parties to dress for. . . .

Before showing you some local shops, with  some special creativity of the season, I want to share a little bit of Christmas in Kohler.  We stopped at Woodlake before heading home a couple of weeks ago.  This shopping area is located just the other side of the Kohler Design Center and is worth the stop.  I particularly loved Kohler Gardens.  .  . a fresh and fragrant greeting filled the air. I honestly could have closed my eyes and believed I was in the middle of an evergreen forest.   Pine, Cedar, Boxwood and Eucalyptus, swags and wreaths outfitted with Red Berries and Winter Berries and all in a setting that was so endearingly welcome.

With many crisp leaves still underfoot, this fragrant
display really put me in the holiday mood.

Walking into Kohler Gardens could leave one breathless
if you are a Mackenzie Childs fan.  'She' was all over the store
and the displays done to perfection. 

Two weeks later and today to be exact, I went into some of
my favorite shops.  Shops that I knew would not disappoint;
creativity reigns with the passion for what is the heart and soul
of the season.  This sage colored  basket of texture, color, shine and lichen
seemed to beckon.  I loved it. (sorry, I think my hand moved while
taking this picture!)

The contrasts of the Christmas season were breath taking.
White wooden candlesticks, feather snowflakes against light
and dark greens . . .


Tiny gray birds flirting beneath an urn filled
with green apples and pears. . .

Another mossy urn with Christmas greens that looked so real
I had to smell to believe they were not real, all while balancing
another green berry ball amidst the wonder of the season.

A mercury glass display with a frosted bottle filled
with light.  So fabulous . . . .

If you are looking for Frosty's girlfriend, you will do no better.

A little bit of welcomed bling.  Besides, what is this season
without it?

Spelling out the JOY of the season.

Soft golden boots with fur amongst a collection of
silver bells and baubles . . .

A trug filled with more berry balls, both red and green.
Don't we just need to have some of these?

And who do you suppose this might belong to?

Ivy touches Christmas so beautifully.

A window so charming. . .

A shop you must visit. . . . located at:

917 Burlington
Western Springs

Created and owned by
Carol King and Paula Butel

Thanks gals for letting me be a part of such a wonderful shop.  You
never disappoint!


cityfarmer said...

let's go shopping ... I'm smitten!

Mary Anne said...


I would love to go shopping with you . . . . anytime! You know the places to go I am sure!