Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I would venture to say that the weekend before Thanksgiving was the last true Fall weekend and we were as relaxed as a weekend would allow.  Following a stay at a private property at Kohler, our agenda on Sunday morning was for all of us to meet at RIVER WILDLIFE LODGE  for Sunday morning brunch.

This rustic log cabin borders a lush hardwood forest.  There
are six cozy and inviting dining areas that included
intimate lofts.  The welcomed mix of earthenware placesettings and
pewter could not have been more perfect amidst a seasonal lucious
menu and offerings of Sunday morning bloody Mary's.  (of course
I did!)

The path leading to the Lodge Restaurant.

There was a chill in the air and this massive fireplace was a wonderful
WELCOME as we entered this log cabin.  The smell of wood, mixed
with the smells coming from the kitchen, mixed with this wildlife
atmosphere was tranquilizing.  So serene. . .

Since this is a hunting lodge, a few wildly wonderful reminders
seem to welcome us as well.

Someone's hunting dogs served as a reminder that they might
have had something to do with the smaller critters that were
proudly on display. . .

We had brunch in the loft and this wonderful cedar roof
seemed to beckon. . .

A carved wooden deer hanging from the ceiling and over the
brunch table. . . .

A feast awaited us and these were the pre-brunch
offerings. . . cheese selections, a side of smoked salmon,
salads of all kinds, a fresh fruit tray, muffins, scones and a
selection of meats, fresh made breads and pastries.

Over sized logs ushered us to our seats.

An Elk standing watch over the lodge. . . .

From the loft. . . . . an owl vies for attention.

Vintage snow ski's adorn one of the logged walls.

The lodge porch  holding on to Fall.

River wildlife at its best.

While there weren't many flaming leaves to enjoy, the bittersweet vine
still a reminder that Fall was still enjoying its stay outside this tranquil

As we walked the path back to our cars, thoughts of home began
to come into my head.  Thanksgiving was only days away (so much to do),
  I still  enjoyed the crunch of leaves underfoot and reminded myself
that one of the noisiest parts of the weekend were the birds flying
over head in formation beginning their migration South.  A soothing, tranquil
weekend had been shared with special friends and the reality of life awaited
us as we headed for home.

A weekend at Kohler, is a special weekend to experience almost
any time of the year. . . .the Kohler Design Center is also an attraction
but, there was no time to do it all.   Maybe next time. . . .


Judy said...

What a gorgeous peaceful place...exactly the kind of spot to spend a fall weekend. I hope our stay at The Lodge at Calloway Gardens in Georgia is as relaxing as this place looks.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

This is a beautiful place Mary Anne. Reminds me of the cabins at Big Cedar. We love staying in those cabins. It's been a couple of years. I think we need to make reservations!

Anonymous said...

I could get lost in your pictures, Mary Anne. What a lovely place to stay as Autumn bids farewell. Such earthy decor and ambiance. I loved seeing it all.