Wednesday, November 9, 2011


While on my way to a design appointment a couple of days ago I began looking at how quickly another season was exiting our lives.  It hardly seemed possible that September and October had come and gone and the beauty of still another season already spent!    The colors were still beautiful, but just not with as much intensity as the week before.  Definitely, there were now more leaves down than up!  The tree above seemed to be holding on. . . . as was the Sugar Maple that seemed to be 'on fire'.

I reminded myself that we had never taken that drive to
Wisconsin to enjoy the breathtaking leaf display and just
enjoy the quiet that a beautiful Fall afternoon can bring.
The kind of afternoon that still brings warmth from the sun
with blue cloudless skies overhead.   That annual trip
to the apple  orchard with our grand daughter did happen and it
was a most enjoyable Sunday afternoon. . . . .a long drive it was,
but we had so much fun.  As we reached for apples and picked them
with just a blush of red, Gracie exclaimed, "Nana, that one way
up on top is the sweetest apple on the tree, I have to get it!"

Yes, somewhere in that bag is an apple from the very
top of the tree. . . . . she got it!  Is she not just adorable
and so proud of her cart with the apples she had so
much fun picking?

After arriving home a couple of days ago, I decided to walk
my yard to see what this quickly changing season had done to my
garden.  My rose garden, with cold rainy nights, and
blustery days with falling temperatures still had two roses blooming,
 seeming to be oblivious to natures changes. . . . . I decided to
pick them and bring them inside to enjoy.

This coral rose in all of its glory, picked on November 7th.   In
the midwest, a rather unbelievable phenomenon when snow was
falling less than an hour away.

As for the Astromeria, right from Whole Foods.

Planted not all that long ago, my flowering Kale was telling me
that there could still be color in the garden.  I so love the grey green
of the outer leaves and the magenta interior.

Another calendar day gone by and it was out to Geneva, a garden club visit
to Scentimental Gardens to enjoy a presentation of fresh holiday arrangements
created for us by Debbie Phillips.  I almost didn't go because of a big holiday
shopping event in my home on Sunday. . . . but, I remembered to STOP, RELAX
and ENJOY what had been scheduled for us . . . . so happy I decided to go.
Deb did a wonderful job and I learned a few tricks!!  Plus, there was shopping after
the presentation in her wonderful store that was Christmas ready!  The displays were
so inspiring and full of interest.

So much to see and so beautifully displayed. . . . . topiaries, lanterns, wire domes,
vintage wood boxes and cement urns.

More statuary adorned with fresh greens and giant pine cones.

This vignette was waiting for us as we came in the back door.  Have you
ever seen such joy?  The mix was breath taking!  Recognize that little
guy in the center?  One of his brothers takes residence at my house.

This wonderful green, chippy statuary anchored the
great garden elements that surrounded him.

As for this clock.  .   .  .  .I would have taken it home in a minute, but
no room in the car.  Still thinking about it.

Ever notice how the old and the new look so FAB together?

More wonderful displays of great merchandise with monogramed
vintage linens.

A vintage carousel horse .  .  .

Rosemary in mossy pots

Ivy topiaries

Chippy statuary and Rosemary

Part of a fresh green swag gracing a window at the checkout counter.

Fire wood stacked, golden leaves fallen, I am reminded once again
how fast the days tick away. . . . . take the time to enjoy and be a part
of what is enjoyable and fulfilling before you make out your 'to-do' list.
LIFE IS PASSING YOU BY . . . . . . A lesson I learned and hope to keep next to
my heart in the days ahead.   What needs to be done will always await you,
but those special moments that inspire and fulfill you will be gone.


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Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Just gorgeous Mary Anne. The image of the vignette that greeted you as you came through the back door is absolutely breathtaking. I may have to try my own version. I love it!