Sunday, November 13, 2011


A wonderful holiday event was held in our home today. . . . . . . . not only did I work to repurpose old furniture, but I had to get our home holiday house ready and still be ready for Thanksgiving (with a touch of Christmas)   How would I integrate the two holidays tastefully?  There would be 4 other talented friends depending on a venue that would help sell their wonderful talents.

I thought you might enjoy seeing what I did to my sideboard in the dining room . . . . . How to dress up a pumpkin in a festive way that would also be a part of Christmas and Thanksgiving.

I started with this green pumpkin that had been a part of my
September/October sideboard. . . . .

I found the perfect 24 K gold spray that looks like you have used
real goldleaf sheets to coat the pumpkin. 

I put an extra large dome over the column base and voila!!!

I have used lots of gold sprays and this is by far the best ever!

A great Thanksgiving to Christmas sideboard that everyone loved.

I also collected leaves outside and many had beautiful red tones that
when sprayed lightly with the 24 K gold paint left the tones of the
season show through. . . .

You can also spray real fruit with this spray and because it seals the pear, or apple
from the elements, it will last about four weeks with out having to throw out the fruit.

After the leaves dried, I glued them around a cornicopia that I had also lightly
sprayed and the end result was amazing.  I ever so lightly also sprayed the
cornicopia with the gold as well.

Last night as we prepared for our guests. . .

Lots of repurposing, lots of column tops with domes,  tables that
had been painted the perfect gray . . . .

There was also home made Michigan blueberry jams with
antique silver spoons displayed in a copper tray. . . .
the perfect holiday hostess gift!

My flower viles from Paris had cedar greens, with red roses and
eucalyptus pods. . . . . glorious!  That was all reflected in the mirror
behind my sink. . .

Wonderful gold statuary, perfect for the holidays,  bottles
with glass crosses and more domes with stories inside.  Note the
wonderfully aged mirror in the background . . .

Laurie, from Santa Fe and of Bittersweet Designs was
here showing her fabulous handmade necklaces.  Go to her
of her wonderfully creative designs.

It would have been a treat to have all of you here.
I hope you enjoyed a little tutorial and a smidgeon
of what happened at our house today. . . .and to Joy of
the Savvy City Farmer, Holly of Livingston Porter and
Laurie of Bittersweet Designs I thank you all for a more
than perfect day.


Anonymous said...

What a delightful treat to see all your efforts here, Mary Anne. I love all the gold - and the information on the paint - and am drooling with envy at your festive ware.

You amaze me.

Mary Anne said...

Penny: Many thanks for your kind comments. You know as a blogger we hope that we are inspiring others with what we do and how we do it. Taking the time to care about our fellow bloggers just keeps us motivated and wanting to inspire more. Many thanks again Pen.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Beautiful Mary Anne!

I definitely need to find some of that paint!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Everything looks awesome Mary Anne. I love that pumpkin. Of course I see Joy's touch. It would have been fun to be there.