Monday, December 19, 2011


A week or so ago, I had the opportunity to visit a shop in the village of Barrington, Illinois.
I had heard of this shop on many occasions in the last few months and just never took the
time to explore its offerings.  Over the years and after owning a shop, it takes a lot to get
me excited over a new store and its contents!  Well, long distance or not, this place is fabulous and VERY worth the trip!  The name of this shop is called STEEPLE CHASE.  Quite frankly, I was blown away . . . . . come take a look.

The first display that caught my eye . . .

The vignettes were eye catching and so well done.  This ole
grain scoop would have been perfect on a kitchen island.  I
loved this and could have taken it home.

Many collections had been reupholstered or repainted
and the blending of different eras so amazingly done.

Architectural elements supporting everything interesting, this
pair of French doors were beautiful, just the right amount
of pickling with original glass.

Old leather books, greens and a clock to remind us
we had already been there an hour (it seemed like we had just

Chandeliers that sparkled with crystals (I believe this one was
bronze and found its way here from France!)

Old vintage signs, primitives, painted furniture, tapestries,
a beloved doll from the early 1900's, mirrors, award ribbons
and lighting all just waiting for the right home accessory or collection.

The old leather books and many without the leather, were so textural
and called out to be taken home. . . . . . out of book shelves, there is
always an old leather chair!

Another corner packed full of goodness and blended with perfection!

A beautiful French armoire loaded with goodness.  The antlers in
the foreground in a vintage bowl with dishes.  Maybe there are those
of you that don't know how collectible antlers are.  Great for on top of
a collection of books on a shelf.

Old wire, a vintage store scale for that large kitchen that was
pretty fabulous on a primitive table keeping company with
every accessory you can imagine.


Last but not least was this old gaming instrument.  Karrin's husband
had replaced the top and bottom of the cage with new suede for that
extra special BOUNCE!  Perfection for any game enthusiast.

As we were getting ready to leave, I looked back and took this
last shot in order to share with you one last look!

If ever you want a treat for yourself or someone else or are in
need of the extraordinary, do not waste days getting here
like I did.  It was a pleasure to be introduced to
a venue worth visiting. 

You do it all so well Karrin and after the first of the year I
will be back.  Such a treat it was and I haven't stopped
thinking about it specialness!

P.S.  The prices are very fair and very affordable.  Karrin shops
for her shop weekly, because not much lasts very long at

The particulars are:

Steeple Chase Antiques
425 West Main Street
Barrington, Il. 60010

Proprietor: Karrin Olsson-DaBoll


cityfarmer said...

makes me crazy ...
and my heart pounds everytime I get to shop here

Richard Cottrell said...

I drive through there sometimes. I will try to arrange the time right to stop. Looks fun. Glad you posted this. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Mary Anne, this looks like a spot I will have to visit in the near future. I love seeing the antlers and will make sure my very own "antler man" takes a look for somewhere else to put the antlers he finds than on the kitchen table. haha

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Mary Anne,

You are just coming up with all of these great go to places for antiques, great resource for those of us who love the old!


Mary Anne said...

City Farmer:

Thanks to you, we made the time to go. Thanks for the introducion!


Mary Anne said...

Richard: Many thanks for stopping by. There is something between those great walls for everyone. You will love it!

Merry Christmas!

Mary Anne said...

Life on the Cutoff: Penny, you would love a visit here. I will go with you after the first of the year. . . one of the best and affordable places I have been introduced to in a long time!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Mary Anne said...


With clients needing accessories all of the time, it is such a pleasure to find a new spot to shop for them and me!!! Always looking for that more than worth while place to create.

Merry Christmas!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

I did not realize you were in Illinois! I am adding you to my Illinois Bloggirl sidebar list of links right now!

I hope to get to this shop in early January. Thanks for posting on it!
Looks fantastic Mary Anne!


Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Why was I thinking you were in Wisconsin? Was your shop there?
I am confused!!!! No worries.
You are now on the list.

Jennings and Gates said...

Thanks so much for the heads-up! Looks like I could get in a lot of trouble there.