Saturday, December 17, 2011


           It was a very full day and one I didn't know if I would get through . . .  On my 
           schedule was an initial consultation with a new client (two hours) followed by a trip into
           city to meet friends I met in England and then home to entertain; a cookie exchange.
           Over scheduling is the worse and I am guilty of it much too often.  It makes me crazy!
           But, the initial consultation went very well, Holiday Tea at the Drake was the best
           thing I could have done for myself . . . . such refinement and relaxation while sipping
           tea, eating scones smothered with clotted cream, lemon curd and jams.  What a way
           to multi task and enjoy friendships! (and to think I thought about having to cancel.!)

Left the city in time to make it home with time to spare!  Yikes!  'Lit' the candles in the urns, ran in the house,
threw off my coat and started my ripleys believe it
or not act!!!

A close up of the urns at night. . . OMG,  could it be
that I moved my camera again??????

While putting finishing touches on that less is more tree. . . .
I just didn't make it.  Made this nest and tried to set in
in the tree and it was way too big,  so. . . . .( this was all
done before hand!!)

So, I sprayed an old garland with my handy 24k gold paint
and gathered by wrapping my hand with garland to create
a nest.  I put some moss in the center and put in two faux eggs!

I then nestled it onto a tree branch and surrounded the nest
with birds; such a tizzy they were in as to  who
could have layed these eggs .  .  .  .

Loved using the extra large gold spheres that had to
be tucked deep into the tree  (24" in diam.)

My tree finally finished before I left this morning.

In the center of this photo, another extra large orb in
pure glass!  Lights just twinkle like crazy with this
deeply tucked ornament.

The cookie exchange so much fun and a little different
from those I have done in the past . . . . .you see, all of
the cookies brought this evening will be going downtown
to the Veterans Hospital on Sunday to be shared between
over a hundred men.  We will be caroling and bringing
joy to many who even most recently have returned
from Afganistan and Iraq.

I have never done this before in a hospital ward, but I
know it will be a rewarding part of the Christmas season.

After everyone left, I blew out all of the candles, sat down
with a glass of wine and felt I had completed a day that
covered all that I had started out to do.  No better
way to end a day with such COMFORT AND JOY.



cityfarmer said...

you bring me a lot of COMFORT AND JOY ... pun intended ... your tree is so YOU ... magical

Judy said...

What a busy day but sounds like you had a great time. We're heading to the lake house today for our annual family Christmas. Nothing fancy, spaghetti and all the fixings.

Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Anne Marie said...

Hi Mary Anne - thank you so much for coming by the farm this morning...your tree sparkles so beautifully with those clear glass ornaments...I love the simplicity of that!
Merry Christmas to you too!
God Bless,
Anne Marie

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Your tree is gorgeous Mary Anne!

Wishing you all the best this Christmas!

Anonymous said...

All so lovely, Mary Anne, and what I love the most is the purpose of your cookie exchange this year. It really brings home the ideal of "comfort and joy". I'm sure the men enjoyed the cookies and caroling and having such a sweet visit. Well done!