Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Actually, I was in search of natural burlap for a project
I was doing and the fabric store was sold out!!  So, I settled
for 'white'  It is actually cream, but in the burlap world the
color is white.

I decided to create a square and unravel the ends and put it kerchief
style over the white table cloth.  .  .  .  .cream and white combo.  I loved
it!  Then I started playing with texture, a tiny bit of color and gold
leaf paint on the faux pears which were once green.

I used square rattan chargers, silver chargers (and can you believe
I got those at Michael's for 2 for $5.00? )  The star plates I have had
for quite awhile as well as the antique cream napkins which I bought quite
a few years ago when we had two in college . . . . it was one of those buys
that I felt guilty about because of the expense . . . . I think they stayed
in a bag for awhile!!  Today, they are some of my favorite linens.

The sideboard is dressed for winter and is all done in pine trees in golden cement
urns, silver cone trees, mercury glass candle bases with cream candles.  Soft and
relaxing. .  . 

You can just listen to the quiet. . . . .

The burlap tablescape . . . . . . .geez, never in a million years would I have
ever believed I would be using burlap on a dining room table!

I gathered a collection of birds around the snow covered
pine trees . . . .

That wall in the background is actually Farrow and Ball's Hardwick White
(it looks green!)  I used the pears as a sort of weight for the folded napkin
instead of my usual silver napkin rings.  I also loved the addition of the gold!

A single placesetting. . . note the burlap fringe. . . . . I removed enough
threads to leave about an inch of fringe.

A hotel silver oversized dome with fresh greens . . . the silver
just seems to reflect the candlelights in the room.

I put this on the HOSTS chair!

The great texture of the burlap very evident in this photo.

Contrasting the elements of the season.

Altogether a perfect mix of elements.

And of course. . . . guess who came to dinner?
I love it when he shows up!!!!!

I would love to know what your favorite winter tablescape includes.


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I love the layers and textures, Mary Anne. Gorgeous table!

Red Rose Alley said...

The glittery trees and the red Santa is my favorite. What a whimsical Santa! Your decorating looks lovely.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Anonymous said...

Spectacular, Mary Anne! I love your use of burlap and actually have some burlap ribbon I hope to use on my table tomorrow night. We'll see. . .