Thursday, December 22, 2011


This all happened without a plan. . . . . it goes like this. . .

As I was putting all of the tops on the plastic
storage bins, I looked down into one of them
and there it was. . . an egg with glitter!

I looked around as to where I might put this glittered egg . . .

Of course I said to myself. . . . .where else BUT with the glittered
bird that I had bought this season at Scentimental Garden in Geneva.

Couldl it be this little glittered bird was just a little bit happier
for what layed beneath her?

Don't you just love these serendipitous moments? 

More wrapping to do, must run. . . . .


cityfarmer said...

... yes ... by accident ... those turn out to be the most fun!

happy wrapping


Anonymous said...

I wonder if next you will find a glitter chick hatching, Mary Anne. Ah, those serendipitous moments. Pure bliss, are they not?

Have you been to the new floral shop at 83 and Plainfield Road? It is in the strip mall on the west side of the street, across from Portillo's. It is small, but, absolutely delightful. There is a salon and doggie treat place right by it, for reference. If you go, make sure to look up at the umbrellas arranged on top of the coolers. The arrangements are over the top, but, so beautiful, lots of glitter . . . just in case you need something to do after all that wrapping.

Anonymous said...

Ooops. It is on the EAST side of 83.

Mary Anne said...

Dear City farmer:

Yes Joy, sometimes those moments really reach out and have to be captured.

Miss your smiling face!
Mary Anne

Mary Anne said...

Dear Life on the Cutoff:
Thanks for stopping by. . .a glittered chick. . . now wouldn't that be a big post???!!!

No, I haven't seen that new shop. I will be over that way today and stop in to see it. Thanks for the tip.

Mary Anne ox

5th and State said...

beautiful maryanne
have a wonderfully blessed christmas!

Mary Anne said...

Dear Debra:

So happy you stopped by. I love my glittered bird that YOU made possible. Merry Christmas to you dear friend.

M.A. ox

Jennings and Gates said...

Loving the glitter!