Sunday, December 11, 2011


The Christmas event at the farm was a greatly anticipated holiday shopping opportunity for Joy's blog followers and customers.  Many thought they would be 'shoppin in the shed'!  Not the case, the holiday event was held IN the farmhouse,  because of course the weather really didn't permit an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere in THE SHED.   Upon walking up to the front porch, anticipation only grew.  The porch was decked out with natural Christmas greens, tree tops, and  bundles of birch wood.   The fragrance, the atmosphere and the fire burning in the firepit created the perfect ambience for the shopper.

Zinc containers filled with packages of fresh greens selected
and gathered by Joy.

Christmas decorations and lanterns all ready to take home.

This weathered old cabinet was filled with bundles of birch and
more fresh greens.

Once inside this precious and unassuming
 Victorian farmhouse door was an semblance
of goodies not to be imagined.

 The dining room table was filled with Christmas goodies perfectly
displayed by Joy of who has been
known to take your breath away with her creativity.   I, as a former shop owner, know the
importance of getting it right and believe me, she did!  It was a wonderland
of goodies that she had shopped for, created and gathered so beautifully.

Architectural elements all re purposed and ready to hang when
when you get home.

The dining room fireplace was filled with goodies
for giving (if even for thy self!!!)

What was  without tag was not for sale and showed so
beautifully how Joy and her family live . . . . farmhouse
style to the limit!!

This hand painted canvas sign was done by Holly of the Etsy

For that baseball enthusiast, vintage baseballs
had been sprinkled with glitter.  Wouldn't one of these
look great under a dome with a score card or tucked
into a tree?

Books, faux Christmas greens carefully created to look real (and
they did!), vintage frames painted to hold blackboards and repurposed
stool bases done with gray and white checks, from, yes, I was allowed to
show some of my wares as well.

More of that farmhouse atmosphere loaded with
goodies for sale before the doors opened.

An old vintage cane chair upholstered with prints from old grain sacks. . . . .

the handpainted cavas of
a deer profile by Holly of Livingston and Porter.

An old office chair that could now go anywhere with the
words SIT!~ Loved this.

THE BACK PORCH . . . . .a mouth watering array of arranged fresh greens,
statuary and balusters re purposed as table candlesticks and a glass sign
hand stenciled with NOEL.

Almost last but far from the least, was Joy's daughter. Angela from
the blog spot,  Her specialty was home made
French macaroons coated with eatable gold dust in 6 different flavors.
Her newest flavor was a carmel/salt macaroon that was to die for.
Angela was magical, precious and I had only really known her
through her wonderful blog spot which I had begun to follow some
time ago.   She is as special as her mother, so full of charm and
creativity while balancing motherhood (she and her husband have
four beautiful children) while creating a blog post weekly, cooking,
baking and joyfully being a part of what is most important to her,
those gorgeous children.  
Angela is a very attractive woman that seems to take
all she does with such ease.  (hmmmmm, I think I know better!)
 She has won my heart and I can't wait
to be in her presence again.
P.S.  Her blog spot is not to be missed!

Thanks Joy for letting me be a part of it all, but most of all
I feel blessed to call you my friend.



Richard Cottrell said...

What fun this would have been. I love the ruralness of it. The fresh greens were a delight. And the macaroons made me swoooooon. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Mary Anne said...

Richard, many thanks for your thoughts. Yes, you would have loved shopping at this 'not to have been missed event'! This late 1800's farmhouse is a prize! You especially would have loved talking to her husband Don sharing all his handiwork 'at the farm'!

cityfarmer said...

this is a beautiful recap of a very fun evening.

Kinda' sad it's over ... what a fun memory

I'm honored as alwys!

Anonymous said...

I've come back to this post three times, Mary Anne, soaking up each item like a sponge. I, too, would have been taken with this old house, listening to what the walls had to say.

What a jolly old elf in your banner and on the porch. The artist seems familiar to me - but, maybe it's just that it's Santa.