Saturday, September 17, 2011

LAYERS OF FALL . . . . . .

After returning from England, I began noticing real seasonal changes in the weather.  Of course with that comes Fall changes inside.  We are having a very special guest in a couple
of weeks (more on that later) and I just wanted to start experimenting with breakfast table colors, linens and dishware.   I went into my bag of tricks and of course with that came some reorganizing of shelves in the storage area. . . . . . . yikes, scarry.  I found some things I had forgotten I had.  The pewter dishes for example. . . . love pewter at this time of the year especially.  I also love neutrals with bright colors as well. . . . . I selected my
magenta linens to accent this fall table.

I used rattan square chargers to hold the 'harvest'.  My lamb
was a purchase in an antique shop while in England.  I have
used him on a chippy old base bought at Joys' of the
(I can always count on her for that wonderful, old, chippy componant that has
become imbedded into my soul.)  The glass dome just cleanly adds interest.

I love mixing white and cream tones.  My little white rooster
milk pitcher was a purchase for Robins Egg Blue many years
ago.  He is sitting on magenta bread and butter dishes
which I will be used for scones. . . . just trying to find out where
to buy the clotted cream!!  I made the homemade jam this summer!

So happy I found these little pewter dishes.  I have had
them for years.

The white lettuce bowls will be used for fresh fruit.  The cream
and sugar mid-table is from the Bridgewater collection of dishware.

I did purchase a burlap runner and love it with the rattan. The runner is
from good ole Pottery Barn.  They just seem to improve by the minute.
Great displays, great product at great prices if you are buying new.

Dinner will be served this special weekend and I will share the dining
room table upon completion.

Enjoy this beautiful day and the rest of your weekend and thanks so much
for stopping by.


Millie said...

Oh, I love the lamb you found in England. I see some British influence in your table today...I always enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

What a sweet little lamb who seems right at home, Mary Anne, and your table looks so inviting.

The bakery in Hinsdale used to have Devonshire cream.

Pat@BPM said...

Gorgeous Mary Anne!!

cityfarmer said...

I am inclined to think that that little lamb-ie would've come home with me, too.

I'm on the hunt for chippy column bases ... if you see one let me know ... a dear friend of mine just bought the only one I had.

looking forward to our design time this week.
We're dangerous ya' know.

miss u like craz-ee

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Mary Anne,

I love the purple with the pewter, brown and white.