Monday, September 12, 2011


While in London or the rural countryside, pub signs, restaurant signs or signs advertising events seem to catch my eye and many times with a bit of British humor!

Lavish metalic gold signage was common and most
attractive. . . . and of course those old stone walls do help. We
had dinner here the second night.

This sign from the fishing town of Weymouth.

Of course the Swan Hotel should have a swan!

In the town of Wells, an attractive women's shop.

An outdoor cafe in Wells.

When stopping for Fish and Chips, beer would be the
suggested drink and Shirley chose Piddle, In a bottle!!

Doesn't everyone have a mossy garbage receptacle?

I seemed to be drawn to Tea Room signs, not to mention
. . . .scones and clotted cream, heaven!

Signage in an English pub were we had lunch one day!  Pork was big
in this community.

Lots of beer in those pubs with a sign that really was hilarious!

Do you suppose this home had a family of dogs?

BARROW HILL was the area we were in.

This family must be connected with dairy farms.

Back Bacon, smoked meat from the pigs back.
Streaky bacon, is what they referred to is
what we simply call bacon because it has streaks!

While walking the streets of Salisbury and trying to find
its cathedral, we came upon this Inn.  It was called
The Lazy Cow.  We peeked inside where breakfast
would be served and found this sign overhead. . .

TLC. . . till the cows come home!

Same hotel, clever eye catching signage!

Eye catching needs. . . . . .

These tea signs were everywhere you walked . . . .
The Celebration of Tea well spoken in every village.

Loved the politeness of this sign. . .

The English are a wonderful bunch and their signs second to none!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I love this, Mary Anne! Fun post!

Anonymous said...

The signs are wonderful, Mary Anne, and you as well for posting them here. It feels as you are sending postcards from across the pond. Thanks.

Beverly said...

Mary Anne, this was so much fun. I loved them all, but my favorite is the swan on the Swan Hotel.

Thank you for taking me along.

cityfarmer said...

I've had three cups of morning coffee, now need to piddle!


great post