Monday, September 19, 2011


These old (and I mean old) were the gates we would go
through for our garden tour and eventually, following the tour
we would be en graced with Tea In The Barn.  Wouldn't you just
love to get to the other side of these gates?

Once through the gates immediately appeared the estate home
and gardens.

This is the barn where we enjoyed a floral program and tea.

Once inside the barn, looking up to these exposed beams that
were put in place in the 1650's was an amazing experience.

Behind this barn door, old and peek able, exposed farm machine
instruments for the upkeep of the estate.

The floral program before "tea"  Sue (on the left)  is the owner
of the estate, along with her husband, Oliver.  On the right
Sue's floral partner, Penny.

Can you even imagine  attending a program in a 1600 year old barn.

The work of Sue and Penny. . .

The barn celebration of tea. . . . .  no white linen tablecloths
no matching dishes, just a good old fashion tea party like I have
never attended.  Can't believe I didn't get a picture of the scones!

Vinny the scone maker, Jen and me.  Now just a memory of
a celebration. . . . . . don't worry, I have a little bit more of a memory
right on my hips................the clotted cream, homemade jam and  the scones!

I will be having a tea in October in my home. . . . . missing, the ambiance of a
building built in the 1600's. 


cityfarmer said...

I'll bring the scones ...

hittn' the hay here ... big day tomorrow

Anonymous said...

What a magnificent experience to have had tea in such a structure. I am amazed and will be coming back again and again to soak up your pictures, Mary Anne.

Thank you.

Nenaghgal said...

It sounds like you had wonderful time- the English and the Irish do love their tea and cakes and scones. I love English gardens- always so inspiring. Slowly working on mine but don't have big spacious borders.
Thanks for sharing.