Friday, May 20, 2011


SO hard to believe that all of the planning, the meetings, the inspiration and the creating for a house walk, is almost here.   I just wanted to show you what this morning's inspiration brought to my outside fountain area.  Amy Cox and I brought out all of my French elements. . . . . . The large mustard pots on the right are called confit pots and were found out at the booths at Cligencourt.  Others, the square terra cotta pots, are called melon pots and are over a hundred years old, found in Aix en Provence.   Mosses, herbs, lavender and birds nest are right from my own back yard. . . . . .(fyi, the nest was abandonded and from last year. . . .)

It just doesn't get better than this when you are working
with real antiques from France.

Two friends stopped by at the end of the day for a well deserved
glass of wine. " OMG  I feel like I am in France!!"  So I served
some French wine!

To the bottom left is a bowl filled with a collection
of baby lettuces. . . .

Flanking either side of the back door will be the Rose Scented Geraniums
which have been planted inside of a white birch wreath.  Do you see the little
moss bird sitting on the wreath?

A gentle reminder that a tiny woven wall pocket

does make an impact!

I just finished the dining room tonight and I couldn't be
more pleased with the results. . .

More tomorrow!


I will be blogging all of the house walk homes starting tomorrow at 1:00!
Still planting to do outside in the morning and a tea cart to paint as well.



Anonymous said...

Mary Anne I cannot wait to see the finish.

This peek is spectacular. When you have published your tour, I would love love love to add your link, from the Back Porch. I know your home and garden will be admired so very much.

Vintage Gal said...

Oh C'est manifique~! I would love to have a glass of wine and gaze at these beauties. ;-)

Velvet and Linen said...

I wish I could be there with you. I know it will be a huge success. Your attention to every detail is amazing. I love the beautiful vignette that will welcome all of your guest. Please know that I will there with you in spirit!!! xo xo Brooke