Sunday, May 15, 2011


Serendipity is defined as unplanned moments bringing valuable or agreeable things not
planned on or sought after. . . . The phone rang on Thursday night and on the other end of the line was Amy Cox, inviting me to her outdoor garden event the next day.  She is so very talented and her mantra is teaching others how to slow down and appreciate what is on our plates, who grew it and who prepared it all under the umbrella of SLOW FOOD CHICAGO.   She is a great fan of farmer's markets, organic foods and home grown anything!! She believes that everyone should have a garden of full of vegetables.  Not having time or space for a vegetable garden is no excuse, she will even create a mini garden for you to attend to right in your own kitchen window or outside your back door. 

I left the house with great anticipation to finally see what Amy was all about.  She is in the same town as I am, but a mile or two away.   When I finally reached my destination, there stood Amy's home on a little bit of a hill with beautiful landscaping, flowers and garden elements of great character.  I had been invited early so I could be a part of the preparation and blog my heart away as all of her helpers were getting ready for her garden sale.

So inviting it was. . . . her front steps just seemed to beckon ~

The beautiful lavender lobelias, tubs of pansies and vines

A well established bed of Creeping Phlox ~

Healthy and sale ready. . . .

Much to my surprise stood a Master Gardener and an old friend, the Queen Bee
of sustainable foods, Trudi Temple and Amy.

Little herb gardens created by Amy.

A miniature garden of Endless Summer, some stones for texture,
and a collection of mosses.

Mixed greens and lettuces ready for the customer who says,
"but, I don't have time to plant vegetables"  GARDEN READY!
with directions to place mini garden in a sunny spot on back porch
and water when soil is dry! 

Zennias and Nasturtiums displayed with irresistability


Strawberry seedlings ready for sale comfortably sitting on
an old Jenny Lind bed turned bench!

Pots of bright Petunias tucked into the back garden~

As I looked around the yard, I spotted a Robins nest ~

Another miniature garden full of color and delight!

Salad ready and oh so green

Little bits of this and that. . .

Another path, another garden adventure....

More miniature gardens ready made for the condo dweller~

A kiss and a hug in the garden ~

While wondering this amazingly yummy garden, I asked
Trudi what this was. . . she picked a couple and handed a
leaf for me to taste. . . . it was delicious!  I had just eaten
French Sorrel.  Great for salads. . . . and now I am on
the search for French Sorrel.

Hostas, a birdhouse and a place to rest. . .

Amy's green house ~

AND  look what's for sale inside. . .

A true gardener owns a pair of these. . .


Handmade wrens nests. . . every garden should have one of
these placed in a tree.  Wrens eat the insects that could cause
problems in our gardens.  I wished I had bought one, but
plan to return and buy one for my garden.

It was time to go. . . Amy had asked Trudi for some of her books
to sell at the garden event.

As Trudi finished signing her book, I realized it was almost
time for Amy's garden event to begin ~

Amy thanked me for coming over and helping (all I did was clean
up a few things) was reunited with a dear friend, Trudi Temple,  and learned a little more about Amy and importance of creating sustainable gardens, no matter what the size.
 I had been filled with inspiration, friendship and joy. . . and I was able to
enjoy a beautiful Spring morning, enjoy the grounds of a sustainable gardener, photograph to my hearts content





Gatsbys Gardens said...

Great Post Mary Anne! I loved seeing all of the garden goodies and so great to see Trudi again.


Vintage Gal said...

Thank you so much for the tour. How lovely. The french sorrel looks absolutely yummy and the lettuce. I can hardly wait for mine to come up ;-)

Love of the Sea said...

What a wonderful post. Amy's house and yard is so beautiful. Looks like it was a terrific day.

cityfarmer said...

I was transported to this very miniature eden ...
makes my sale look like kmart

I must have those green house floor plans.

hope to see you the 22nd!

Red Door Home said...

Looks like you had quite the delightful day. One of my goals this year is to take advantage of the farmer's markets around where i live - not only to support local growers but also to enjoy the freshest foods possible.

5th and state said...

a perfectly magical day....good for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful post Mary Anne. I enjoyed every bit of it! Gorgeous images, delightful tour.

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to have you share such a great and sustainable day, Mary Anne. I love those wren nests - look like perfect abodes for the little wrens flitting about right now - and who around this area doesn't know of Trudi Temple. I read her book last year and her inspiration lasts and lasts and lasts. Sounds like an all around best ever spring day.