Thursday, May 19, 2011


It has been a year since I was asked to participate in the Western Springs Historical House Walk.  That year flew and we are now three days away from the event which will take place on Sunday.  Our home is one of six that will be presented.  I have been thinking for quite some time on what I would do to make a few changes and update (important for a designer to do) to keep my palette fresh and current.  I was "hit" with this new wonderful gray that has without a doubt become the new neutral.  I have also used a few soft pinks as accents on the first floor of our home, re: guest bedroom, dining room, (and not so soft pinks) in the upstairs guest room.  I used the new Panetone color of the year called Honeysuckle.  WOW!  This was a big step for me. . . . . in fact while it was being painted and I was participating a few weeks ago in our new vintage event, called THE GILDED FLEA, I received a call from my husband that I had better come home. . . . . "I don't know about that paint color your chose, you better come home and take a look"  Well if that didn't send me flying out the door. . . . . Yes, it was a change and a big one, but you will be seeing that soon. . . . . plus it is where our little grand daughter stays when she spends a weekend with us. 

Here is a little peak on what is going on. . . . . . .

Our living room with Restoration Hardware slate walls. . .
(The soft green silk drapes stayed the same and look 'fab'
with the new walls)

I have been minimizing and putting things away. . I
am loving a cleaner look without all that stuff!

I have edited and edited and I am happy with my new dining room.  While I have let
the outside come in with no drapery, I have decided to add a panel or two to the bay
and French door window. . . . I found a flax colored very light weight linen  fabric that will not be lined or inner lined.  Those are being installed today.  I have also replaced an area
carpet with a woven natural fiber.  The ceiling around my chandelier will have 'company'
at the end of the day. . . . Caryn Aikens, the decorative painter I have used for my
clients and also who painted my French country chairs will be doing a stencil today around my antique (straight from Paris) chandelier.  It will be done to look old and worn and in
shades of silver with a gold wash like the carving on the French country chairs she painted.

If you are local and wish to buy tickets, they are for sale at Clever Girl in Western Springs,
at Jane's Blue Iris in Hinsdale and at The English Garden Flower Shop in Clarendon Hills, to name a few.

So much more to share. . . . I will be back!


cityfarmer said...

you're going to W.O.W the entire community ...
your home reflects you in E.V.E.R.Y. way!!

see ya Sunday

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I am sure everything will look just wonderful for your house walk, supposed to be a very nice day.