Wednesday, May 4, 2011


More housewalk preparations. . . I had a meeting this morning at my home with Amy Cox, a very spirited, heartfelt, talented gal that has been assigned to each host home to decorate, improve, shed light upon and breath life into an out of doors vignette or urn.  Natually, each home is different, as is each homeowner.  My marble topped French table, which sits under a working fountain, 'spoke' to her the first time she was here a couple of weeks ago.  Today we worked together with a couple of ideas and it was a few true French antiques that resulted in some great satisfaction. . . . .



The green dough bowl is from France.  It is over 100 years old
and I use it indoors to toss large buffet salads or a seafood pasta.
The mustard colored confit pots are usually inside as well and I
use them for fresh floral all year long.  These containers will
be filled with herbs, lavender and rosemary.

After Amy had gone, I walked my garden and found
my Texas Bluebells enjoying the warmth of the sun.
This is the best they have looked since planting them
4 years ago.........and  this year they have shown up in other
places in my garden as well.

This is a close up of my Helabores.  This was one of the first Spring flowers
to show its face to the world.  I clipped it all the way down in March
and it is lush this year as a result.  This plant grows with its blossoms
facing downward............I lifted one up so you could see the beautiful
color that lies inside.

Purple Spring Violets. . . . . can't get enough of these!

Unfurling hostas reaching for the sun today

These would be know as the BIG DADDY Hosta.  They will have leaves
reaching 10-12" in diameter and will be at least 3 ft. high.


My tablescape is progressing.  I have decided to add a green
plate to the pink and white mix.  My sideboard will have an
arrangement of white roses/champagne roses, succulants of bright
greens, white hydrangeas and bright green berries.  The pot it will be
done in was purchased a week ago at
You will recognize it when it is posted.

More to come as the house gets dressed for the house walk. . .





Gatsbys Gardens said...

Your garden has really popped! I am slowly adding hellebores back into my present garden. I really like the addition of the green plates to your table setting.


Mary Anne said...

Many thanks for your thoughts Eileen. This has really been a process to make the visual feast as interesting as it can be. Time is flying and still so much to do! Many thanks for your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I love that fountain, Mary Anne, and your table looks wonderful. I love the addition of the green plates. Aren't the blossoms great this year?

cityfarmer said...

I know exactly which cache pot of which you speak ...
it had your name all over it ...

I can just see you scouring ... initiating all of your fabulous last minute ideas.

Anonymous said...

Your garden is beautiful. I love the fountain vignette.

The addition of the green plate is wonderful!

Mary Anne said...

Many thanks for your thoughts Pat! It can be lonely without the critiquing! I wanted plain but elegant. Sometimes I find myself stopping short and other times I look and it is too much. I agree that the green plate pops the table. Glad you like it.

Diane said...

I do love your website. Would it be possible to add an RSS feed?
Please do.