Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Making of REDD HERRING..............

                 REDD HERRING................A DIVERSITY OF DAILY LIFE......                                          

It was the Christmas walk that brought everyone into town for the arrival of Santa Claus and a new restaurant called REDD HERRING.  We began the transformation just 45 days ago............following are some of the early photos of the 'before' shots and the progression from start to finish. 


   This was the fixture that was hanging when we took possession of the new restaurant space.

                  This is the fixture that I chose for the same was custom made for us.

Roger Herring is the chef/owner of Socca Restaurant in Chicago which began its 6th year earlier this year.    He is now the chef and creator of REDD HERRING, Clarendon Hills.  It was a proud evening for family and friends, as  co-owners, Brad Falk and John Bell opened the doors to an anxious crowd ready to discover the new menu and venue at their new local restaurant.   

                      This was the look when we took over the space. Note the
                      wood bar....

                       This is what the bar looks like now...........we wrapped the wood bar with copper.
                       While not visible, I ordered a bronze mirror for the back bar wall.  I used a bronze
                        mirror because of its compatibility with copper and also because it is less reflective
                        than a clear mirror.  I then selected a chocolate brown over sized subway tile and them
                        installed vertically!  You can see them at one end of the bar. 

                       This was last night just before we opened the doors to our hungry public.  What
                        a difference from the first bar photo!


                     The countdown week.............a visit from dear friends on their daily walk.          

While this is not a REDD HERRING, so to speak, it was painted for the Socca Restaurant in the city
on Clark Street.  When the restaurant was named, I just knew that we had to bring this image to the
new restaurant.  It served as a lot of inspiration for me as we proceeded with the design.

                     This is the niche as you look from the bar to the front of the restaurant as seen below.

                        Brown "leather" bankettes were installed to encourage comfort of seating
                        and more seating area.  Butcher block tables were ordered. 

                        REDD HERRING encourages family dining and last night there were over 100
                        red balloons for the children after they came in with their parents to get warm. There
                        were red balloons everywhere!!!
                        Hot cider and chili was given to those that came in from the cold.


As you are leaving or as you come in, this is the entrance to the restaurant.  The glass tiled
column looks as though one might have been sitting at the bar too long............just an illusion, I promise.

                         The restaurant had emptied out, lots of wonderful comments, good food samplings,
              and good times!  Even one of the owners, John Bell,  seemed to show a sense of happiness as well.           
The south side of REDD HERRING.

Tuesday night this past week was our "Friends and Family" night.  Here we have one happy mom/designer, a proud dad and a very happy chef!!!    BON APPETITE!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Mary Anne,

It looks like it was a great opening and the inside looks so upscale due to your efforts. I am looking forward to eating there soon.


Debra Phillips said...

congrats to all!
looks fabulous and cannot wit to try this special spot.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Looks like a lovely place!

2 of the 3 "Dear Friends" said...

Congratulations Redd Herring! We can hardly wait to enjoy the cuisine and ambiance of this warm and cozy setting... Signed, R and R

Anonymous said...

hi family...that means all of you! please pass along all of our love, holiday greeting's, hugs, kisses and hopes to see you soon. CONGRATULATIONS on redd herring! i love you all so much and you are always in my heart. sharon and chris. ps-chris's niece grace and her husband chris and their new baby sylvia live at 1002 longmeadow lane.... anywhere near you?

MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!