Friday, December 10, 2010

CREATING CHRISTMAS..........triming the tree III

Well, all of the Christmas boxes are back to the storage area and Christmas has been "created" in our home......some of those boxes are still filled and I felt it was time to let a few things go for this year.  There is something to be said about simplicity, tho' I do love my collections.   The trimming of the tree.
Strangely, there is something to be said about a tree with nothing on it but white lights.  One year that is all we had on the tree for the exception of a 15" nest with golden eggs.  A spotlight was directed to the nest with 3 golden eggs and it was awesome and so simple.


I have always done a gold tree from the time our traditional tree became bare and each child took their own ornaments to their own homes.  This year I decided to add a little color.  One thing I love is the layering of the extra large ornaments which can be seen in this photo.  That is a clear glass ornament which so beautifully reflects the white lights and gold ornaments around it.  It almost looks like gold glass.


Another extra large glass ornament that shows its clearity.  These ornaments range from 12" in diameter down to 6" in diameter.  They are very effective when placed way back into the tree.

                  I love the addition of the red ornaments to the tree this year.....heavy laden it is.

Here is the first Dee Gann santa that I ever owned.  His name is Pierre Noel.  Dee knew I
was going to France and planned to shop Marche Opus.  I asked her if I could bring anything
           back for her.  OMG, she gave me $300 to buy vintage buttons, pieces of French fabric,
beaded blouses, tiny beaded bags, velvet leaves and flowers, what ever could be added to her
collections of what creates a Dee Gann santa she would graciously accept.  I must say, it was
great fun being a Dee Gann elf shopping the vendors at Marche Opus!  She made this Santa
from some of the baubles I brought back.  Note the beaded gray is the bottom
of a French womans skirt..................all of those beads have been applied by hand.

A peak through the dining room window.

As I end my CREATING CHRISTMAS stories and photos, it wouldn't be
Christmas without what began this whole season.

I wish you all a blessed holiday season filled with the traditions that only you and
your families can create.  Where ever you may be and whatever your traditions provide,
I wish you all a season full of love, comfort and peace.

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