Friday, December 17, 2010


A LITTLE BIT OF CHRISTMAS IN THE KITCHEN..........I love the red tulips with the Christmas greens. You have seen these water filled tubes before.......they are in front of my sink and are reflected into the mirror behind.  I have no window over my sink.

Those red accents on the "gold" tree just didn't make it.  As I sat in our Great Room looking at our tree at night, those red ornaments really bothered me.  Then my daughter called and she said, "Mom, it looks junky, I don't like the red."  She had read my blog and thought that the addition of red was just too much.  I too kept looking and looking and there was something that just wasn't right.  So, guess who took off all of the red........??????   That would be me.....I also added the nest too!  A gold rush it is, but I do like it much better.   In this season of opulence and access, collections being added to each year, when do you stop using all of those things that won your heart?   

SIMPLE JOYS OF THE SEASON........................................

I love lambs and they are so at home on my tumbled marble counter top.  Yes, I did use
tumbled marble when we put on our addition a few years back.  Love the look and the patina
that has just seem to happen over the last few years.  As a designer, I knew it was risky, as a
designer using it in my own home, I was willing to take the chance!!  I have never been sorry.


I purchased the painting this summer from Sally Weaver, a local artist that I know quite well.  Because of my lamb collection, I knew I just had to have this simple, but beautiful painting...............she loves lambs too!

 I added fresh greens to the nativity scene and it made a difference, a difference that I liked very much.  When we have guests, I light the candle inside the hurricane.    The only light in this area comes from the tiny Christmas tree and a battery operated candle in "the stable".

My winter scene sits on one of my very favorite pieces of furniture,  in the bay window in my living is a patisserie table that I purchased in France.  

Well, I am giving a Christmas Tea on Sunday much to do, so much to accomplish and still so much to wrap (and send!!!)  I hope you are all enjoying the season.  It is such a beautiful, but crazy time.  P.S.  I am so happy that you have all been added to my list of THINGS TO DO!!!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Mary Anne, that lamb picture is a treasure! I think you are right about the red, your gold looks very elegant.


Lisa McGee said...

Mary Anne - the lambs are just charming, especially the painting and a I love your creche inside the lantern. thank you for sharing- delighted to have found your blog.

classic casual home said...

I wondered about my deep red ornaments, too, so I put them in our mountain condo where there is a lot of blue. Here, at the beach it is more white and silver. Your decor is peaceful and elegant.
Mary Ann (no e but, nice that we have the same name)!

joey said...

Mary Ann ~ your site is awesome, your home/decor stunning, a joy to visit. Love your lantern creche! I too am a huge fan of greens and fresh flowers, my favorite ... white tulips/greens in a vase of cranberries/water. Delighted you connected. Happy Holidays!