Monday, November 29, 2010


The joy of the season has arrived and collections that have created traditions over the years are being unboxed and unwrapped.............each and every one creating a memory.   As the former owner of  a very special shop, you just have to know that I have some pretty wonderful collections. It went like this..........As I shopped the markets in preparation for the Christmas holidays, I would buy some for the shop and some for the shop owner!!!!!!! Hmmmm.

One of my very favorite things to do every year was to put a a small lit Christmas tree on each child's dresser and now they are grown with children of their own.  I still put those trees in every room of the house and it creates an instant warmth that is so inviting and cozy!  My kitchen tree is dressed in white lights and is filled with antique sterling silver baby cups (theirs, that I still can't part with), teething rings, rattles, family heirloom silver treasures and spoons, sterling silver napkin rings and just about anything else that is appropriate and fitting for this tree.                                                                                

    When friends gather, it is always a great subject of discussion and so much fun to talk about where
     each treasure began its "life" and who it belonged to.  Some of the pieces are over 150 years old and  
     so many have been handed down from generation to generation..............


My Dee Gann santa is back to visit for the holidays and for some reason, he seems more beautiful than ever.
He is sporting one of those waistcoats I talked about on my post about Dee and I will photograph him from the back for you as we proceed with Creating Christmas in our home.

This area has been created on top of a French console in my dining room.
The angel is from Venice and I felt she would be high lighted beautifully inside this cloche.

I'll be back soon.....................


Anonymous said...

More beauty, Mary Anne. I love the angel under the cloche.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Mary Anne, you are coming into your own this holiday season with all of those wonderful personal ideas.

I love the touch of a tree in each of your children's rooms and the tree with all of the personal items from your childhood. See you soon, friend!