Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back To That Little Town on the River...............



It was the day after Thanksgiving and our guests wanted to go shopping and their wish was to avoid the malls.  Not wanting to be selfish and knowing exactly where I would like to take them, I made the suggestion and their response was positive!! So after a leisurely breakfast fireside,  we were off to Geneva, Illinois, to one of my favorite shops ever, SCENTIMENTAL GARDENS and a new shop called 610 HOME. The gentleman who told me about this new shop is quite the creative soul himself and knows good from bad!!  So his endorsement alone held great merit!  He promised me I would love it!  So, off we headed to that little mill town on the Fox River.  We pulled up, parked and I just knew we were in for a great time!!!
As they say, the outside usually tells the story of what may be looked like it was going to be a treat.  I held the door for my friends and all the while tried to keep my calm......................WOW!  If my friends were going to shop fast, I knew I was going to be in trouble.  It was fabulous!

Vintage sofas had been recovered in linen fabrics of all textures and colors.  Pillows of all shapes and sizes were scattered throughout, along with holiday candles and accessories perfect for the season.


Extra large bird posters were everywhere......................and the images so endearing.  These fine feathered
friends would definitely make a statement over a commode, a table or an over sized wall looking for the attention they deserve!  The lighting.......check out the macrame fixture overhead.

           Vintage accessories, antiques and reproductions shared tables, mantels and walls...............
            it was a feast for the senses and the intrigue, beyond belief.  The "mix" was always a part of
            the unexpected and the treasures, were  mixed so well in their independently mixed environments.

                                      The Equestrian would find themselves very "at home" here. 
                                            Lots of  horse figures, carvings and silver trophies.        

                                 Even Mr. Ralph Lauren might find something kidding!

More acquisitions of good taste and more wonderful bird decor.................statements you will love to have in your home.  Vintage plates, domes galore (and can we have too many? ?????   well, yes probably), marble carved busts and lighting for just about every taste and style.




                          Reproductions were also a part of the decor, but seemed to be  so grounded
                             because of European buying trips in this stock filled wonderland.

As we were leaving, I was so happy to chat with two of the owners and learn more about this wonderful "find" in the far Western suburbs of Chicago.  This creative shop
is owned by three women, Mary Garvey James, Catherine Connor and Barbara Freeman.
If you live in the Chicago area and wish to experience an eclectic mix of vintage and new,
you are surely not to be disappointed in your day trip to Geneva.   Becky, one of their
assistants,  is a treat to work with and  is always ready to help you with your purchases.

~Many thanks for allowing me to photograph your beautiful store.   I couldn't have enjoyed
myself more..............and I will be back soon. 

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Gatsbys Gardens said...

Now, there's another shop I need to visit!


Anonymous said...

was fun to be there with you Mom! Love the pictures and I am still remembering the fairy cookies. I am thinking if you shared that story the baker would have to work overtime.

beautiful photos captured again!


holly said...

Lookin' Good....
Love those birds! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Loved this, Mary Anne!

Anonymous said...

О! Molto buon posto.