Monday, March 5, 2012


THERE WAS A DAY . . . . . . pink and orange were just NOT the right color choices to be used together!!!  Ye gods, why would a designer ever consider such colors as compatible.  As you know, pinks, oranges, corals and shades there of, are more than compatible.  Off to Whole Foods I went yesterday to prove the pink, coral, orange theory of compatibility . . . .

I had mirrors installed over my back wall which is behind my sink.
No windows, no interest . . . . . so I created my own bit of interest with
this 24 numbered tubes of flowers . . .straight from Paris.  It changes
seasonably, it is experimented with  weekly and the TA DA factor never fails.
Corals, oranges, pinks, greens and roses of yellow and orange hues. . . .

Orange Gerbers, pastel pink tulips . . . . 

This beautiful Ranuculus sheltered by the gerbar daisy.

More textures of pinks, greens and oranges

I looked at this shot and almost felt the pink tulips
had taken charge of this meeting of pink and orange. . . . .

I just couln't have been happier with the way my selections
shared the limelight and reflected each and everyone into
the mirror behind my sink, just doubling their splendor!

Pink and orange

The French flower tubes in all their glory.

A little bit of MacKenzie, a little bit of an English lamb straight
from Wells and a mini arrangement of pink and coral.

I had this hidden in a closet from the Robins Egg Blue days.
I created this pink and orange combination over 5 years ago!
Yes, it is faux!  When I bought flowers, if they didn't look real
they just didn't make it into the shop!

Living with flowers is one of my wonderous pleasures
and a part of life I find hard to be without.  .  .even sometimes
and only sometimes, when they aren't even real!



savvycityfarmer said...

want one of those flower thing-ies from Paris ...

thanks for all of your encouragement
go take care of Y.O.U.

Mary Anne said...

Joy: They are not far behind. You will get yours first! ox

Penny said...

So thrilled to see your post Mary Anne - and my-oh-my the flowers are splendid! There is nothing like flowers in a home and yours are the best.

How's the patient?