Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My husband went into the hospital the day before Valentines Day.
It was finally time to have a knee replacement after a lifetime of baseball as a catcher.  He played in grade school on many teams, junior high school and high school.  He also played baseball for Michigan State University, Army and almost went Pro Ball. . . . . . position: CATCHER.     Then on to play on neighborhood teams, fraternity teams and the list goes
on.  Need I say more!!!
Preparation for that day and the pain that preceded that surgical
date did not allow for any Valentine's Day celebration what-so-ever!

Prior to surgery on the morning of the 13th of February, he said I forgot to give you
your Valentine's Day present.  My gift was somehow just NOT important.
All I was concerned with was that his surgical prodedure would be
successful. . . . . . and I am happy to report that it was!

When  I finally brought him home, he told me where the package was. 
Opening that package revealed this little crystal bird. . . . a red
heart had somehow been blown right into its center.  He said,
"another little guy for the birds in your life and P.S. I
Love You!"

                       P.S.  He is only 15 days out from that surgical procedure and he is doing beautifully.
                                Many prayers and support from family and friends, I know contributed to his
                                well being.  I have been his legs since he has come home, (lost weight yeay!!)
                                and just haven't had time for anything extra!  It is good to be back, I have missed
                                you all!


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Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

J was in hospital same time Mary Anne, over a period of two weeks. At home now still in recovery and a new road to travel in his journey.

Good news, your husband came through surgery well and on the road to recovery.

savvycityfarmer said...

you're gonna 'fly' one of these days!!
I'll be the wind beneath your wings!


Mary Anne said...

Pat and Joy:

Many thanks for your comments and your kind words as always. As for you Joy, you said you WOULD be the wind beneath my wings . . . you already are!

Pat, I hope J continues his new journey with great success! I will keep him in our prayers as well.

Anonymous said...

Great news, Mary Anne. Though I was sure your beloved catcher would come through fine, it is always so good to actually hear it. I'm sure you are the best of nurses, and that you will enjoy this sweet little bird and all the sentiments it represents forevermore.

5th and State said...

your catchers best work is when he caught you