Thursday, February 9, 2012


Socca Restaurant in the city of Chicago needed a face lift as they celebrated their 7th year in business.  I designed the interiors  originally as the chef (our son) created a dream come true.  The walls were done in a Venetian plaster with terra cotta tones creating a European country atmosphere. (Thus the type of foods he would be serving, a more rustic country faire.)    New colors chosen and some new accessories needed, off I went to one of my new favorite places up in Barrington called STEEPCHASE.  I had gone on to her website and located a few items that I thought appropriate.   Here is what I found when I arrived:

                           This seating area is at the back of the restaurant and it was here
that I placed the vintage (the 30's) cheese cutter shown on the sideboard
beyond the table.

This cheese cutter was originally used in a butcher shop.  Fancy food venues
were not available as they are today.  An entire round of cheese would be placed
on the round wooden circle and various wedges of cheese would be cut for the customer while he waited.  This was made in Indiana, but found in cheese country up in Wisconsin.
It made quite a statement!

I knew I wanted a fruit fragrance at the entrance to the dining
room but needed a vessel to hold those green apples. This old vintage
grain scoop was perfect. (note the handle across the apples)  On the
back of the scoop is a pull handle to be gripped while scooping.

The ambiance could not have been any better.  I shot this picture
just before people began arriving . . . . .

Everything just sparkled! (so sorry this picture is
a bit blurry)  Could it have been that glass of
of Pino Noir I had?

I found these wired votive lights to hang when SOCCA first opened
over 7 years ago.  Once hangs off another and just seems to crawl
up the original stone with the exposed lath . . . . we decided to leave
             this wall of stone after the dry wall was removed.   It provided interest and great texture.
That fabulous painted green trumeau type mirror was from one
of my trips to France.  Instead of the original oil that was probably
at the top, there is a piece of old copper that had been put in
its place.  It had weathered and added great character to
the 100 year old mirror.

While up at Steeplechase, I had seen these scales on-line and selected
the one with the brass weights and measures.  I selected a container
of fresh rosemary which also sent wonderful wafts of fragrance as
you entered the dining room.

SOCCA is located on the corner of Clark and Alberdeen (three blocks from
Wrigley Field.)  The windows curve from one side of the restaurant to the front entrance.
       This wonderful painting done by a Chicago artist measures 6'x9' and sets
quite a mood.  This happens to be his interpretation of the Cub's logo.
Everyone loved this painting last night.

More of that window is shown here which is at best
the city in motion every night as the diners enjoy
their wonderful selections from the menu.  If you are
ever in town and wish to visit SOCCA, ask for Table 41.
It sits right at the curve of the window and the best
table ever!  BTW ask for Mark or Krysteen.

I loved this old zinc and wood Jenny Lind trunk, but left
it behind this time.

A little bit more of what I left behind. . . . . if you like vintage one-of-a-kind
pieces, you just won't find better.  Karrin has an eye for the unusual and the GREAT!
If you wish to visit her website go to
and see what you might have to have!!

If you wish to visit Socca for a special treat, you can go to their website
as well at: for a menu.


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

This is lovely Mary Anne!

The zinc trunk, oh my!!

Mary Anne said...

You are absolutely right Pat. I just may have to go and get it! I hope all is better with J. Mr. Robin will have knee replacement surgery on Monday morning. Many Tunis for stopping by.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Mary Anne,
Everything is so lovely and perfectly placed. What a wonderful restaurant and such a grand location. I do love the Jenny Lind...however I am truly smitten with the cheese cutter and grain scoop with the apples.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Mary Ann!
Just went and bought half a car load from Karin on Friday! So funny to see your awesome post after that!
I have been wanting to go there forever and it was NO disappointment! Loved everything. Jenn and I went crazy.
Thanks for sharing. Will have to try out the restaurant now too.