Saturday, February 4, 2012


I was recently asked about my collection of birds and how many I had. . . . . With any collection, "always more effective when gathered together," this would be the exception!  They are strategically placed all over our home.  My interest in birds you've asked. . . . . . my career as a designer and shop owner with a shop I called Robin's Egg Blue ~ 'nuff said and here is how I used my collection.  I hope you enjoy their flight and where my purchases or gifts took them   I love each and everyone.                                                           


A pair of vintage yellow/green parrots sharing responsibilites.
I bought these at the fair grounds at the famous summer
antiques show up in Charlevoix, Michigan

My French hen from the company Rustica
made in France, one by one.

A very large birds egg. . . . ceramic.  I orginally bought
these for the store.

Keeping watch over the front door!

I guess this could count as one if we can call a hen
a bird.

A sterling silver bird keeping company with
my parents

An aqua parakeet on old books.

This little guy is one of my favorites, but don't tell
the others!

My French porcelain bird with a gold filled beak.

My little bronze penquin bought at an estate sale.
He is in a cubbie in my office.

This chubby little bird sits looking out at our
pergola and hot tub.  He is just too little to join in!

All of my birds are well read!  Here is some more proof!

These guys flew in from the garden for the winter.  They seem
comfortable with antique English prints above them

My little blue bird of happiness. . . . . he sits waiting in
our grand daughters bedroom for her to visit  (she is
overnight tonight.)


More eggs . . . .Circa 1750  Origin: France

They are hand colored and very rare and I
just love them!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.



cityfarmer said...

don't make me choose a favorite PLEASE

I love them all and I know they feel quite at home wherever you've tucked them

Richard Cottrell said...

Decorating with birds is always cheerful and fun. You have some nice ones. Richard from My Old Historic House.

holly said...

Bonne Chance..
A French tradition dating back to the 17th century, a bird in the home has the reputation of bringing good luck....The bird is the word! Love the birds.

Mary Anne said...


So nice of you to stop by. I have been collecting for about the past 8 years and always looking for a very special bird that might just want to come home with me!

Mary Anne

Mary Anne said...

My Little Holly:

Your Esty Site is so full of creativity and I love each entry. You are a creative woman and your journey has made that so apparent! As always, I am so proud of you. I am also so happy that you paid your Mom a visit!

Anonymous said...

I love to hear the birdies go tweet, tweet, tweet, Mary Anne. While I don't have as many as you and mine haven't flown in from such exotic places, I, too have birds peppered about here and there. There is one still sitting on the table on the deck. Seeing your outdoor birds here, I think I'll go rescue her and bring her indoors to enjoy the Super Bowl - and Downton Abbey.

Mary Anne said...

Thanks for stopping by Penny. I love your visits. I would love to see some of the birds you have peppered about in YOUR home. I'll bet that little outdoor bird you brought in today is quite happy to be able to watch the Super Bowl!!