Saturday, March 17, 2012


There is no secret that my love of France is not in some way, very often a part of what I do!
When asked at garden club if I would be lead for a table at our table scaping luncheon, I graciously accepted the offer and began thinking about what I would do.   I knew I wanted to use my old column base, my French Santons, AND le couleurs de France.  I agreed to take a larger table (round) and began my tablescape at home in my own dining room.

A column base, all chippy and worn was the beginning
of it all. . .

Provence was to be reflected rather than Paris.  .  .  rustic, rather
than formal.  .  . and the layering began.  Rattan, extra large yellow
chargers and finally antique, handpainted Gien salad plates.

I met with Sadie at the English Flower Garden Shop, my ever faithful
and creative friend and floral designer.  I didn't know what to use on
the column base and it was her idea to use the dried stems of the
lavendar she would be using to surround the base of the centerpiece.

I own two Santons and here they are proudly posing
for pictures. . . Santons are carefully constructed figures
depicting the wonderful fabled life of the past.

I knew I wanted a wreath effect at the base of the column, but
it was Sadie's idea to use the elements that she did to make it all
come to life!  It couldn't have been more perfect.

Ready to transport to the luncheon .  .  .


So reflective of Les Couleurs de France!  (blue, once believed
to keep all manner of misfortune away),  just had to be a part
of my French table. 

The land, the sun and the glistening sea echoed so perfectly a
table scape so ready and so hopefully inspirational to all.  My feeling
that a country so entrenced in its past, with colors all so nature  inspired,
how could I go wrong!

SADIE BELAM,  of The English Flower Garden Shop, is  a   master  of   creation
and I thank her for making it all so perfect.  She can be found in her shop
in Clarendon Hills (a suburb of Chicago) ready to listen to your needs and
will always respond accordingly.  


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Beautiful table Mary Anne! I love the sunflowers and the lavender. You are so good at knowing what is just right to set the mood.


Mary Anne said...


Many thanks for your kind comments. My very favorite thing is setting tables for the celebration of food and friends. This garden event was great fun!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh what a lovely tablescape. I love your gorgeous centerpiece. The sunflowers, lavender and of course the fabulous cloche covering your perfect little frenchmen is stunning. So beautiful. I also really enjoyed your previous post. The tubes are a perfect vase.

Thanks so much for your visit and your gracious comments. Yes, our Lord is Good. Hugs, Marty

Mary Anne said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. So nice to 'meet' you and so appreciate your comments as we continue to create and inspire along the blogland paths of life! m.a. ox

Penny said...

I love your tablescape, Mary Anne and those two Santons are wonderful. It sounds like your luncheon was a lovely event.

I just blogged on the GCI District II Luncheon which was on Friday. The presenter was really interesting and did a fun arrangement that would be great for a children's party. I don't make a practice of asking others to check it out, but, check it out. Slinkys and water snakes. A really fun way to decorate.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Oh this is gorgeous, Mary Anne. I love the figures under the cloche and the sunflowers. Fabulous!

Mary Anne said...

Dear Penny:

I did check out your post with the slinky watersnakes. What a great idea for a childrens table. Loved it.

Always appreciate your support. Keep on enjoying this not-to-be-believed early Spring! m.a.ox

Mary Anne said...


So happy you enjoyed my French table scape! As always, I love it when you stop by. More than ever, I so respect your talent and I love it when I inspire you!!

m.a. ox