Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I looked at my table this morning and just knew it was coming. . . . . .I needed flowers!  The morning was cool and back to the weather we should be having at this time.  The sun was shining through the breakfast window and my table scape was calling for flowers. . .

My table was laughing in flowers after I came home from Whole Foods. . .
(I honestly needed some food items as well)

I wanted to wait a few days until the tulips grew a little and
started to droop down the sides. . . . .but just couldn't wait to share!

The blue and white with yellow, became a layering event with
myself and began echoing Easter. . .so, out came the pink cabbage
bowls and the periwinkle napkins.

It was fun to 'table scape' without flowers, but I am afraid when
I went to bed last night and thoughts of this table without flowers
were some of my last thoughts. . . . . . hmmmmm, I knew what morning
would bring!

My table was dressed for Spring

Dinner time even brought raves from my husband.  He loves what I create for our tables. 
All I knew for sure  tonight was  that Spring had arrived at our breakfast table and all was well!  More colorful than usual, but that is ok.



The French Tangerine said...

absolutely lovely!!
XO jan

The French Tangerine said...

absolutely lovely!!
XO jan

designchic said...

How pretty and yes, every table looks more beautiful with flowers and love them in the blue and white ginger jar!

Penny said...

It was so pleasurable seeing your breakfast table being transformed in your previous post, Mary Anne, and the bright flowers of spring made it all-the-more beautiful. I love the blue (that lamp, sigh) and the muffineer and I do like the look of books as part of tablescape. I used some this past Christmas for our book group's gathering. I'm enjoying this real springlike weather.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Thanks for your visit and your sweet comment!
And for leading me here... to Springtime!!
Edward and I hope you will visit us often!

Mary Anne said...

Good Morning Jan:
So happy you enjoyed the table. As you know, comments mean a lot and I am happy you approved!!
M.A. ox

Mary Anne said...


Your comments are always full of enthusiasm and it is so appreciated by me. I respect your abilities and your beautiful story efforts and I am so happy you are always so supportive as well. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

M.A. ox

Mary Anne said...

Dear Pamela:

I will without a doubt be back to your blog. I am one of your followers and have put you on my blogroll. So deserving . . . many thanks for allowing me to share my Spring table with you and for your response.


Mary Anne said...

Dear Design Chic:

So happy you paid a visit. Most appreciated as you know. As for that old blue and white ginger jar. . .first time I have used it for flowers! Loved it too!

M.A. ox

savvycityfarmer said...

hhhmmm, you could have used a dozen of my scones!

marvelous as always, dear heart!!!!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

It looks beautiful Mary Anne!

Happy Weekend!

Mary Anne said...

If only we could text scones!!!