Friday, August 5, 2011


A roadtrip to the Red Arrow Highway had been planned since the beginning of summer.  I would share this trip with my daughter, my closest friend and her daughter.  Our families have know each other for 40 years.    The Red Arrow Highway is in Michigan and not too far from the Indiana border.

Our plan was to seek out the shops in Three Oaks, Michigan.  We especially wanted to visit Marco Polo and Trilogy.  Since my daughter arrived first (she was vacationing in Holland, Michigan with her family) she called me on my cell to tell me that all of the stores we wanted to visit were closed on Wednesday.  It was auction day for those running shops of the vintage kind. . . . . . . We all still met in Three Oaks and started to explore what was open. . . . .


We arrived in Three Oaks to meet Holly, my daughter.  Kelly, who lived
in Matawan, only 45 minutes away and explored the area often
 suggested we go into DRIERS MEAT MARKET.
It had been in town for 97 years and I doubt anything had ever
been changed.  The daughter of the gentleman that started this
business was now the proprieter.  The samples given were to die for!
The cheeses, were so unique and complemented the meats they smoked and
made themselves.  All Beef Hot Dogs, Brats, Smoked Bacon, mustards
and the list goes on and on.  We sampled and purchased. 

The interior was a hoot!  It could have passed for an antique store.
Interesting, fun, a little bit (a lot) of history and the food
absolutely delicious!  We purchased a home made ham salad
that was out of this world. . . . . it was made with NO mayo. The
ham had been smoked by DRIERS.

Old marble tops all over with various sundries for sale.

Behind the butchers counter. . . .

A paper mache pig with his basket of crackers . . .

AND. . . . . this newspaper article from 40 years ago!

A touch of this and a touch of that. . . .

A sketch of her father at the front door. . . . . . the man
who had started DRIERS who had passed away at 98.

Many years ago, this sign held truth!!!

We all left with something to share when we got back home.


the phone rang, it was Kelly's friend who said we had to go to a little
shop called blais.   She said we would find it along the railroad tracks
in an old railroad station.

We walked up to the tracks and looked down about a block and there
was the train station AND blais.

The shop was welcoming, filled with repurposed items,vintage,
art, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry and some well done reproductions.
A lot of wire items for storage, stools, baskets and painted old chairs.

This 100 year old rocking horse was handsome.  Note: the original
TICKET OFFICE sign on the window.

An old chicken coop.

The owner of blais.  Her name is Keek.  After a few minutes of talking
she had visited my store, Robins Egg Blue!  She was also following my
blog!  To top it off, she knew of my daughter, who has an etsy presence
called Livingston and Porter.  Keek was also aware of the 5th and state blogsite
and wanted to go on the trip to Dorset! (the one I am going on)  The world is
small and we are reminded of that so often. . . . and very often we call them
kindred spirits.

A little vignette with goldtones. . .

Whimsical art work . . . . .

Old bottle baskets when home deliveries were the norm

A wonderful mix of old and new.

A great old chair done with brown and white checks. . . .
and who doesn't like checks, so French and they go
everywhere and with anything!

Old chippy tin boxes. . . . wonderful storage

A vintage, slatted out door chair from the 40's

What great detail on the wheel of the chair.

More of  blais. .

Chippy old green tables, wicker and rattan covered wine bottles
and an artists painting on wood of a bulldog . . .

Up close and personal. . . .

Keek, the owner of blais is an interior designer and her colors were well distributed
into an atmosphere that was so welcoming, so much fun and so full of diversity.
If you are ever in Three Oaks, you must visit her. . . . well priced merchandise and a well
thought out mix.  As for Keek, you will love her.

If you wish to contact her, her shop number is 269-783-5335

I bought a tray!

Have another wonderful summer weekend.


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Anonymous said...

How exciting to meet Keek and have all those connections, not to mention these two great shops. WOW! My mouth was watering at Driers and so much to see between the two shops. A great side trip when plans changed, Mary Anne, and a place for me to explore some day.