Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FRENCH HOSTAS . . . . . .

Yes, here it is August and I have been wanting to do this since those hosta leaves became so profuse!  It is the one perennial in our yard that just continues to grow, spread and grow.  Since we have a lot of shade and many different kinds, re: Sweet Home Chicago, St. Elmos Fire, June, Spilt Milk, etc., there were many to chose from as I started my confit pot bouquet. 

This confit pot with its great green glaze is one of my
favorites in my collection.

I just knew it would be a great vessel for my bouquet.

When I picked these this morning, I made sure they were free
of bug bites re: hungry insects, that they varied in texture
and color and the stems left as long as possible for the container
I was using.  I also washed each one in my sink to make sure there
were no unwelcomed guests

As I began to create the bouquet I made sure that the varigated hostas were
not all together, the light greens dispersed as well as the dark greens.
Note the stem of dark green leaves from my Helebores plant.

The wonderfully chippy green paint against terre cotta.



Finished!  I love the green glaze as it plays with the many shades
of green hosta!

Actually, any collection of greens from your garden (if you don't grow
hostas) will work.  Texture and various colors of greens is the secret
to this bouquet sans flowers!


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful arrangement, Mary Anne.

We often forget to bring in the greens in arranging and this is so lovely and so easy, though your wonderful confit pot is truly the star of the show with a great supporting cast in the hosta leaves. Wonderful!

The French Tangerine said...

I could literally do this exact post. I'm obsessed with the green confit jar and love to use my hostas inside!
Really good looking! Love it, jan

Beverly said...

Mary Anne, that looks gorgeous! First of all, your confit pot is magnificent. And, I love hostas.

5th and State said...