Saturday, August 20, 2011



Observations seem to be stronger when we take the time to observe. . .
I know for one, that I am noticing things that  have always been there, but my eye and my heart are taking the time to zero in on the obvious.  I thought I was a very observant person,  but I am finding out more and more  as I learn the art of photography, I have missed a lot because I haven't taken the time. . . . . . and because I am never STILL.

This fabulous container is in town and I walk by it frequently, this time
I studied it for the color and texture.


The fabulous patina on the 100 year old marble from my patisserie table.

Speaking of patina . . . . the new "bible" for that Patina Style that
we are all loving so much.  It has recently been released. So filled with the
wonder and knowledge of how to create the look.  It can be
purchased from Brooke at
Not only is the book wonderfully well done, but her blog
always full of inspiration and joy!

The combination and detail that I created with the use of
the tumbled marble and the old victorian farmhouse trim.

The black lampshade that I stenciled . . .

I stenciled this shade in three places . . . . just a great little detail that
made a big difference.

The egg and dart detail that adds such great interest to an
outdoor urn.

These leather books have been sitting on my secreatary for quite awhile.  Old books
today are like art and can really change the look of a shelf. . . and whoops
The Twelfth Night needs to be turned!

Do you remember when you were to never mix metals?
What a glow was created when I placed this copper pot on
top of a silver tray . . . loved it!

Ok, it wasn't long ago that I was moving stuff around (really?) and tho'
I have had this painting for quite some time, I noticed a grasshopper
in the painting . . .I have chosen not to tell you how long I have had this painting
hanging in my kitchen!!!

AND there he is!

A handmade-in-America, Victorian brass frame.  They just don't
make them like this anymore.  I took time to study the handmade
detail, the flowers and the twists. . . .

An antique frame that I pass daily. . . . . never noticed the egg and dart motif
on this before.

We all get so busy in this world and sometimes forget to listen to the quiet or take
the time to enjoy what is sometimes set right before us.  Our lives are so full
that sometimes the enjoyment of what is real goes unnoticed and we lose touch
with the peace that could be ours.  Our schedules are full, our calendars with-
out space and we never seem to catch up or complete anything without
interuptions.  GO! GO! GO!  Do this, do that, check this off and that!
Lists and more lists, meetings, chairman of this and chairman of that.
We go to bed exhausted with more lists jumping through our heads. . . .

It is almost Sunday morning and I leave you with one of my very favorite
quotes: "Do not lose your inner peace for anything what-so-ever, not even
if your whole world seems upset and full.  If you find that you have
wondered away from the shelter of God, lead your heart back to Him simply
and quietly."

~St. Francis

May your Sunday be full of peace, relaxation and joy.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Mary Anne, I sit here just as Saturday is about to turn into Sunday and look at your gorgeous photographs, reflecting on the words of St. Francis, and looking toward a peaceful new day when I awake renewed and refreshed. You are the best!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Beautiful post, Mary Anne, in words and images!

Happy Sunday!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hello Mary Anne,
Thank you for your kind words regarding 52 FLEA and I am so glad that you find a bit of inspiration there. I read every comment and appreciate them all. Just to let you know...when you leave comments and I hit the reply goes to No-Reply Blogger...To make it easier to reply to you, include your address in your Blogger profile.Having said that...I have to admit that I am not the best correspondent and you you are is full!
I hope you have a beautiful day and thank you again for stopping by!
Take care, Laura

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I adore your marble topped patisserie table...she's a beauty! :)

Velvet and Linen said...

I love all of your pieces, but your patisserie table is stunning!
Thank you for your kind words about Patina Style.
I'm so thrilled that you are enjoying our book.
Hopefully I'll be able to thank you in person in the next coming months.

xo xo

cityfarmer said...

you eye is beyond words ...

I WILL say though ... I. a.d.o.r.e. y.o.u.