Monday, November 8, 2010

All That Is French...........let's go inside................

                          "Every man has two nations, and one of them is France."
                                                                   -Ben Franklin

Kim had a vision in her selections as she shopped for this beautiful home on her trips to France.  She paired fragments from the French that had already been passed down from one ancestor to another.  Some how, some way,  Kim was there when some of these wonderful pieces came into the marketplace to be sold for one reason or another.  She and her husband observed and took notes, sketches and photographs of what they wanted to reproduce or have their architect include in the blueprints that were so carefully and authentically  being created.  Upon entering the foyer, is a magnificent ceiling that was inspired on one of their trips to Avignon.  I learned, that the Pope at one time (13th/14th Century) lived in France and took up residence in a place called the Pope's Palace.  Kim was deeply inspired by the ceilings there, so much that she wanted her foyer ceiling to resemble the same.   

  Hundreds of tiny glass tiles in various tones of aqua, were selected to re-create their experience and vision at the Pope's Palace in Avignon.      

French charm abounds as rooms take shape and the history of "all that is French" is created to be shared with family and friends.  Note the vaisselier (hutch) against the back wall that holds a carefully selected collection of majolica.   The chandelier is from Paris.  Note the feet on the panetiere.  Since this piece of furniture sat on the floor in the kitchen, the feet created height and keep mice from getting to the freshly baked bread.    A panetiere held the baked bread of the day (derived from the  French word for bread, pane.)                                                                           


 This room is to the left of the foyer and is used for more formal entertaining of guests.  Note the 18th century carved eagle.............this is a Christian religious piece and  is called a lutrin.  It was found up by the altar and used for readings.  The back of the lutrin actually has a shelf that held a prayer book or papers referencing the reading for that particular Sunday..   Also note the zebra rug.  The French love animal prints and zebra does Kim!    (and so do I!)


The details leading from the foyer are evident in the curved staircase and the iron curved rod iron railings.
Also note the typically French detail on the doors of the grand hallway drapery treatment.   There are beautiful trims at the bottom of each drapery .......a detail that would be found in a French country home.

A bathroom that again shows Kim's appreciation for the old.  She has used a copper lavabo as the sink.  This lavabo sits on an antique French commode that has been adapted with plumbing.  The walls are a rich red that have been glazed and buffed.   Note her soap dish.....a monkey

Kims French Country Kitchen


Look closely at the organized collection of infused oils and Kim's spices at stove top level.  The French-         woman is always ready to prepare a meal and displays her kitchen wares and ingredients so they are always close at hand. She likes organized clutter and would never think to store her olive oils in a closed cabinet and neither would Kim.  

Simple breakfasts, tasty meals and good matter what time of day, this little area off the main kitchen is full of charm and ready for any family member or friend.  Could we be in the French countryside?    

Kim, many thanks for the visit and we look forward to one more visit in your lovely, creative and charming home.  If only everyone could know you..................."Genuine hospitality cannot be described, but it is immediately felt" - Hector Cuimard    It has been a joy sharing what has made you, your husband and your kids so very happy.  See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous home Mary Anne! Thank you so much for writing about it. The photos are wonderful.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Mary Anne, this is a lovely home, like something out of a french magazine!


Cindy Rand said...

I am just speechless and not because I have a sore throat! This home is lovely! Kim has a wonderful eye for all things French! Love it~thanks for sharing Mary Anne!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures MA.

The French Tangerine said...

wow.. what a treat! This is so beautiful - like right off the pages of Veranda!
Thanks so much for sharing with us,

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

OMG, I am packing my bags and moving in.