Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Life is always full of change . . . . . When it comes to our homes, changes exist there too.  I have recently been attracted to leather chairs, leather stools, leather books (and who doesn't like those!?) and even leather lamp bases.  Leather never held anything other than a bad memory for me.  When I was a little girl, I remember an old leather ottoman that was  quite worn (hmmmm, how that has changed), ugly, dried in places and just not attractive or so my young heart felt and thought!! My dad always had his feet up on this ottoman and enjoyed its use as he would read the news paper.   When my friends would come over to play, I would grab a blanket and cover this old ottoman so no one could see it. . . . .I always felt that my friends would think we were poor and couldn't afford a new ottoman or hassock as they used to be called. . . . .and so goes my dislike for anything leather. . . AND here comes my love for all that is leather. . . . 


Today was another day of shopping for a client at the Chicago Merchandise Mart.  I was down there last Thursday and I had to return and take another look at a couple of chairs that I couldn't get off my mind.  This one is in the Pearson Henredon Showroom and it still had appeal, in fact, I would love to have it in my home. . . . . it is more of an accent chair and with the ottoman, quite comfortable.  The carmel leather just yummy. 
The name of this chair is THE CAMP CHAIR.


Details of the Camp Chair footstool. . . .

The bamboo like wood trim and nail head detail.

This chair was also appealing and very comfortable.

Same chair. . . .front view.

This leather chair was so comfortable, I didn't want to get out of it!

This was one of the other chair that brought me back to the showroom. . .

It is called the Gullison Chair.

It is not a lounge chair of sorts, but comfortable and perfect for a small
desk chair.

Side view of the Gullison Chair

This chair is made strickly of leather and
iron . . . .comfort level use: a great accent chair and
still quite comfortable.

Great detail on the front of the Gullison Chair

This is called the Madison Chair.  It again is in
the Pearson Henredon Showroom.

This tufted leather ottoman was found in the Sherrill Showroom.
It is only 28x28 and I loved this too.  There are other leather colors
to chose from if black leather is not appropriate.  While this is quite sophisti-
cated, the size makes it just as cute as it can be.

While this was not leather, it would serve well as
a small side table next to one of my leather chairs.

Leather/skins have been so popular, fabrics
have been printed to look like the real thing.
This bench is from the Pearson Henredon Showroom.

Last, but not least, I spotted this adorable little footstool
that I know I could have found a place for at home!  This is from
the Sherrill Showroom.

AS FOR THAT LITTLE OTTOMAN. . . . . you know, the one I use
to throw blankets over. . . .what I wouldn't give to have that in my own
home today!


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful chairs, Mary Anne. I love the detail in the Gullison chair.

Isn't it funny those items of childhood that we would do anything to have again? We had a leather, or leather-like, easy chair and sofa that my father brought home for us to play with. We played and played and who knows where they went? He worked in the Merchandise Mart and they must have been salesmen's samples and were just the right size for my sister and I. You must made me think of them seeing these beautiful pieces.

5th and State said...

oh what good taste you have my dear!

Beverly said...

Ooh, so much to love - and I do love leather. I have a pair of navy leather chairs in our den, and I never want to par with them.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I like leather in small doses not a whole room of it. I have two leather chairs in my family room (copies of a 1920's design) and I just love their look.