Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Lake Shore Drive, Soldier Field Parking Lot, Burnam Harbor and Lake Michigan


OK, this is not the fourth floor, but the 9th!

This 9th floor view is breathtaking with Soldier Field in full view!

Our host took us to the 9th floor as we view the city and Buckingham
Fountain (center)

The wind was blowing, hairdo's casting cares to the wind. . . and
of course Proseco could be flying out of our glasses!

It was a Meditteranean food night and the appetizers were yummy!

A cheese selection for the Gods, fresh figs, olive oil toasts, olives
and tapenades.

Breathtaking views from the terrace. . . . a terrace that stretched the length
of the condo.

Soldier Field as seen through the grasses. . .

More of Soldier Field with the Field Museum in the distance.

Kitchen herbs on the terrace

More terrace plantings. .

And yes, this is also part of the terrace plantings. . . . colors are phenomenal!  Just for
the record, Liz, their daughter just graduated with a degree in Landscape Architecture from
Clemson University . . . .she may have had a hand in these plantings. . . do you think?

Morning awakens in an elegant and simply stated master

Anyone for Proseco with a blood orange splash?

Our gourmet club has been together for about 12 years.
The original purpose was to visit restaurants all over
the city and suburbs.  Our host and hostess had moved
from the burbs to the city and wish to change the rules.
Everyone was excited to visit the city and take in the views.
One of the dishes that was brought by one of our club members.
Couscous, peas. curry and a peanut sauce.

A fresh yummy salad with heirloom tomatoes, olives, feta cheese and Romaine.

Roasted, marinated fresh vegetables!

Skewered and marinated lamb with lime and basil

After a dessert of home made lemon verbena sorbet and miniature
lemon cheesecakes out came a tray of glasses surrounding a bottle of

A perfect summer evening in the city, overlooking the lake and soldier field.

Good times and good byes!


I promise you that a good time was had by

As for CITY LIFE.  . . . . . . I would love it!



Gatsbys Gardens said...

Looks like a great time with good friends, lovely condo!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Gorgeous Mary Anne!! Absolutely loved this!!