Thursday, June 2, 2011


My serendiptous day continued following Amy's outdoor garden event.  I was invited over to Trudi's.  She was the charming lady in the pictures at Amy's in her wonderful garden hat, following me (or I was following her is more like it) that continued to teach me more about the vegetables that Amy was growning in her garden.  You see, Trudi was the forerunner of fresh vegetables and gardening.  She was the woman who started MARKET DAY in the local schools and then went on to reach out to over 29 states.  She claims the unmost respect among those and beyond in the Western suburbs of Chicago.  She speaks all over Illinois, she tours many garden clubs, college and high school classes and various other groups through her amazing garden. She cares for all of her babies (plants, shrubs, bushes, ponds, stone walkways and more) with pretty much no help at all.   She has one acre of land completely developed to the INCH!  Everyone knows her, everyone admires her abilities and she is always ready to share the wealth of knowledge years of gardening has granted her.  I honestly think I was one of few that had never been beyond her garden gates!  Everyone I know has had this heavenly experience but me!

This is a Blue Spruce, not your average Blue Spruce I might add.
                          I believe she said it was called a Jerusalem Spruce. . . . and I might
                          be wrong. . . .and pink is so in you know!!!

She was oh so proud of her miniature ferns.  She had received a floral gift
from Japan and this mini fern was tucked into the gift, so instead of
throwing it away she tried to grow it!! That she did and they are growing
all over the place.  They never get any bigger than what you see.  The other
plant is called a Trillium.

Don't you just love the contrast of these varigated hostas with
the lush evergreens in the background?

There were stone paths, gates and ponds everywhere ~

Another stone pathway leading to the back of the house.

For a moment, I thought this fox was real. . . . Trudi told a story
about a gentlemen who was visiting with his friend and was afraid to
move for fear this 'beast' might harm him.  At night, I might have
felt the same!

Everywhere I looked there were precious birdhouses and if one
stood and listened, they too seemed to be enjoying the tour
with the chirping that never stopped.

As we approached the back of the gardens, we walked under a magical trellis
of sorts that had an unbelievable collection of bells from all over the world and her

Peonies ready to burst, if only we would have
some sun!!!  The soft pink flower behind was not

As we continued along the walkway, this beautiful double headed
spirea was in full bloom showing off the most beautiful, full white
blossoms I had even seen. 

I was in awe and could hardly move. . . . the beauty of this garden got better and
better.  I asked about the big chair.  She had spoken at some big Master Gardener event.  There were garden seats displayed all over and this one of very large proportions
had caught her eye.   At the end of the program she asked the powers to be if it were for sale. . . . . it now sits in her garden fit for the Queen.

As we continued along our path, this specimen caught my eye.
So delicate and so feminine.  Look at the little polka dots of
green and the base of the white flower. . . . .to be sure,
NATURE AT ITS BEST!  (I have forgotten the name)

The far end of the pond. . . .

Finally, her pride and joy. . . . she had been propagating this for
three years and this year her constant determination paid off!
This is a Jack in the Pulpit.  It is usually white, but this one had
'collars' of aubergine with white.  They were beautiful!

The way back garden with compost structures.  Trudi never throws anything
out!  If she doesn't compost it, she will throw it back into the ground and cover it with dirt.

Don't you love the contrast of the varigated hotas with the background
of evergreens?

Could Goldilocks and the three bears have been here?

What a place for a glass of ice tea and a good book!!!

Anybody home. . . . . ?

Note the weather table and chairs in the background ~

Lunch will soon be served. . . . . and what a setting.

A bit of a very large collection of conifers (upper right hand corner).

Such beauty and serenity. . .

As we came around another path, Trudi pointed out this bench that had
been made out of a fallen tree......Trudi throws nothing out!

As we walked up from the gardens the contrast of greens, trees, conifers with a flowering
bush was heartfelt. . . . she has forgotten nothing~

Could it be that because she spends every waking hour in her garden that someone
made her a bed to rest in.....?  Or, perhaps it could belong to Goldilocks!


could it be that all of these will get planted???

As my tour ended, all I could think of was how gracious, how talented and how
proud Trudi was of her wonderland of nature and its incredible gifts.

I was invited inside for tea and of course I accepted.

Before going inside I couldn't stop myself from taking still
another picture of this beautiful pink magnolia!

As we sat and drank ginger tea, my questions never stopped,
nor did her gracious and giving answers.  We talked about center-
pieces and she got up and behind a hutch, pulled out this old painted
vintage shovel which had been waxed to shine.  She said with a cute
smile on her face, I use this for as a centerpiece often.  It is usually filled
with flowers, or moss, or at Thanksgiving, I arrange fruit.  Her kitchen
table could seat 12 easily and it just worked.  "I bet you have never used
a shovel in one of your tablescapes. . . . . no I hadn't, but I think I just might!

Four hours later, I headed for home.  My heart was filled with laughter, happiness
and inspiration.   She would soon be heading to her farm near Woodstock where
more gardens and chickens await her. . . . her chickens and
Trudi gifted me with these eggs in their natural form.
Never thought an egg could be so beautiful!  They were
from some special kind of chicken that she raises 'down on
the farm'!

As Trudi walked me to my car, still other lessons to be learned along her
garden path. . .


 the quote came to me that was in the Chicago Tribune this past weekend,
on an article about Trudi . . .

"Let no one think that real gardening is a bucolic and meditative
occupation.  It is an insatiable passion, like everything else to
which man gives his heart."
~ Karel Capek 1931



cityfarmer said...

I shall look forward to a day such as this with you someday

Anonymous said...

A wonderful way to start my day, Mary Anne. I've toured Trudi's garden on several different walks and each time I see it, there is something new. To walk these paths with Trudi herself must have been pure bliss. Thank you so much for sharing.

Love the shovel! I'm thinking 4th of July!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Trudi's garden is beautiful and you certainly captured it! I could not read the quote though, all in yellow.

Richard Cottrell said...

This is a beautiful Garden. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House.

Beverly said...

Oh my. The only word that seems befitting is magnificence!!!