Friday, June 10, 2011

MEETING SADIE. . . . . .

Tablescape chairman allowed me the privilege to match the homes on the historical house walk with the florists that would be giving of their time and talent to this charitable event.    What floral designers will best match the homes that will be showcasing their talents?  One of the homes, on my list to match up was the Gaskey home.    I told  Amy that I  thought The English Flower Garden would be  a good fit  for her home.  (I had only looked in their
windows, they were new!)  Amy is a good sport and I felt she could make it all work!

I had yet to meet the owner, Sadie Belman, but encouraged this homeowner to go over and introduce herself.   At the next meeting, she had done so and was bursting with excitement
and enthusiasm over this new and not-so -familiar shop.  She had met the owner and she loved her!!   Her name is Sadie, she is so warm and full of English charm!  Amy commented that she may have gotten "the new kid on the block", but she was definitely more than OK with it all!!  (She was once the lead floral designer for Martha Stewart's 1-800 Flowers)     Amy's excitement over this talented woman was infectious and I knew I had to meet her as well.   We are fortunate to have many wonderful and creative florists in the surrounding neighborhoods, real talent I would venture to say.   But, how was  one more florist going to 'make it'?

That afternoon, I was so curious that I knew I had to take a ride over to her shop in Clarendon Hills.  I had been by it a few times, but never took time to go in.  This time, I must!   Flowers are a constant  source  of inspiration to me and an essential part of my life.
Could it be that there would be another flower shop for me to peruse, be inspired by and enjoy?

One of the first things I noticed was her use of color. . . and
this was in the cooler!

Her flowers were magnificent, the colors, the types of flowers that filled her shop and what particularly caught my eye were the double headed hybrid lilies. I had seen lilies before, but never a 'double' not to mentions the extraordinary color of these beauties with their green veining.

I had NEVER seen a periwinkle orchid in my life.
It was so beautiful.

My eye caught this beautiful glass container that had
been planted with succulents, which has become a favorite
new plant on my list of garden plants.

Spring was just upon us and there is nothing more mindful
of the season than a hydrangea.  This deep salmon pink specimen
was out of this world.


Another beautiful arrangement caught my eye.  It wasn't really very big, maybe 6  inches across,
but the way she used color and texture made this just simply elegant.

Unusual colors of anemones, white with bright pink. . .
as tho' an artist had taken her paint brush and touched
the flowers edge.

Multicolored parrot tulips, jewel bright anemones, delicate iris', double headed garden
roses, orchids in colors that were unusually beautiful, birds, nests and wreaths  that were all ready for some
lucky customers front door.
I looked around the shop and saw a woman who I thought might be SADIE!
It was time for introductions. . . . .

I walked up to the counter and asked if it was possible to speak with SADIE. . .she said in
the most wonderful English accent, "I'm Sadie"

That was three months ago.   I have been back to her shop more times than I would like
to share.  She and what she does is inspiring and  unusually beautiful.  If  all of this creativity isn't enough, she couldn't be kinder or accepting of her clientele and their needs  as she multi tasks,  plucking stems  from the 
cooler to create a centerpiece for a client that has just called in.  She will be there in a half hour to
pick up the completed arrangement.  While waiting on another, she does this all with a
smile on her face, grateful for the confidence her customers have given her.

 She is inspiringly intoxicating
and I couldn't be happier than to call her my friend.  She has become a BIG hit in her new
community.. . . and so deserving she is of that ambiance of acceptance.

During our walk through her shop, it came to me that I would have company
over the weekend and I would like Sadie to do something with this antique flower
holder that I owned and could I bring it back....................

She loved the design and wanted to pull the pink opalescence out of the glass.
Here is what I found when I went to pick it up..............

An order of orchids awaiting  their placement in Sadie's shop

Candy stripped amaryllis

A birds nest wreath for someones front door

A reproduction of a French calendar page. . . on tin.

Sadie's shop is always changing with new items arrivinig weekly.  There are always a few fresh, enchanting arrangements ready for purchase.  Or, if you wish, create
your own arrangement. . . .Sadie will be there to guide you and help you. . . . AND
always with a smile!   Coming. . . . vintage and English antiques, straight from her

For delightful service and creativity:
The English Garden Flower Shop
8 South Prospect Aveneue
Clarendon Hills, Il.
 AND oh, don't forget to tell her that Mary Anne sent you!


Anonymous said...

Mary Anne, you naughty girl, tempting and teasing me like this. I shall have to see this delightful English garden shop and have a look for myself, perhaps having an opportunity to meet Sadie and to tell her Mary Anne sent me.

Your pictures are luscious and that opalescent vase is a treasure!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I will have to visit the English Garden Shop again. I went in when it was quite new but it looks like they are quite unique.


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

What gorgeous images from this fabulous shop, Mary Anne!
Another wonderful post!

5th and state said...

ok, i want to meet sadie.she is brilliant!