Monday, June 27, 2011


I spent the morning finishing the photos of my garden. . . . . . . such a grand difference than from the beginning of the season.  With all of the rain we have had, everything is so lush and so green. 

Quite a difference in growth from the original photo
of Garden Glory ~ Part One

At a garden club meeting, we were shown how to make these little guys.
Bob Friese, a famous Chicago floral designer, was our guest speaker
and he showed us how to cover a Styrofoam ball (two sizes) with moss and
using white birch, create this whimsical bird on a stick.


This Big Daddy hosta is about 4 feet wide.  I adore the Blue Spruce
and how it contrasts with the hostas.

My vine wreath is about 5 years old and is beginning to fall apart.  I purchased
moss, soaked it and filled the pockets with the moss so the dirt and flowers
selected, wouldn't fall out of the vine pocket.  I planted Creeping Jenny
and lavender Impatiens.  Love how this wreath looks against the cedar fence.

A pink Hydrangea's first bloom

Asiatic Lilies ready to burst.

Hostas, Zennias, Astilbe, Violets and a gift..............this Asiatic Lilie just
showed up here.......probably the work of a squirrel while gathering for the winter.

I love to use containers within the gardens in my yard, they
provide another level of interest for the eyes to rest.

Looking out . . .

Looking in. . . .  

Looking from the trellis to the deck.  Note the profile of a molded face
that I purchsed from an antique dealer nearby.  He bought it in New Orleans
following Mardi Gras.  It had been part of a float.

More pathways to walk and enjoy.

The walkway leading to the front of the house.

One of a pair of urns planted on either side of a step.

Birdbath turned bunny bath. . . . that Blue Spruce conifer so yummy!

Roses from my garden, lilies from Whole Foods

This hosta is called, Sweet Home Chicago.  For some reason, I could never
get it to grow in my front garden . . . .I moved it to the back garden
last year and finally, it has started to grow.  In both places, there was
a lot of shade, so I have no explanation for this hosta dilemma. It never
had any more than about 3 or 4 leaves and they were small.  Not so
this year. . .

Love the color of this grass specimen . . .

Limelight hosta

Angels in my garden. . .

My Anabelle's are ready to turn white.

Connecticut Blue Stone walkways. . . my River Birch to the
back right

My high school buddies sent me this symbol of friendship
after a visit to our home.  They were here for 4 days visiting from
the suburbs of Detroit.

The back walk . .  

Still more hostas . .


Not much more to see at this time for the exception of my berm in the
front which still has yet to bloom.  It blooms at different times of the season
and presently my daisies are ready to bloom. One or more hot days and I
promise to take a photo.  They will be gorgeous this year. . . . so full and thick
with blooms.   Many thanks again for stopping by. . . .

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Judy said...

Mary Ann, I'm so glad you came back to let me know the anonymous comment was from you, wonder why it did that? Blogger can be so weird!

I was checking out your yard this morning...WOW you have really got a green thumb! It is truly magazine worthy, you should be in Southern Living.

Enjoy your time at your friend's lake house. There's nothing like lake living....


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Mary Anne,

The garden looks so lush, amazing how in such a short time everything just explodes.